Feb 16, 2013

SmartBro Pocket WiFi Hands On Snap

When we moved from our condo in Las Pinas to an apartment in Laguna we had our telephone line and internet (PLDT and DSL) transferred as well. We were in a two-year contract with PLDT and it will be costly if we will have it cut and apply for a new line.

For 2 weeks in November, we don't have cable, landline and internet. Local antenna can only get Qtv channel, thus we would only watch TweetBiz. And oh, Jeng loves Tim Yap is an understatement all sarcasm. It's ok not to have cable because we can always watch downloaded movies and tv series. The hardest part is not having internet. Life gets boring without internet.

One day, I got home and are house was once again a wifi zone. Jeng bought a Smart Bro Pocket Wifi!

From the name of the unit itself, you will have an idea that this is a small gadget. It's small like a mobile phone, it can fit in your pocket.

The unit itself costs P3600. During that time, there was promo where you can pay for the unit for 2 years. That will be P150 a month. Not bad! The internet cost P495 for 50 hours/month. That’s like P10/hour. You will be charged P10/30mins on the succeeding use of internet after the 50 hours. All in all, we are billed P645 per month. Internet speed is up to 2MBPS. I actually don't understand what an MBPS is. Hahaha. Jeng said 2 MBPS is already fast. But I think fast is relative. Well, for a non-techie person (Like me), as long as I can open facebook, twitter, log in into this blog and open all the other sites I usually check, that is fast. At the same time, speed varies depending on the smart signal on your location.

The unit comes with a battery similar to that of a mobile phone. Of course a charger is included when you purchase the unit. Battery lasts for about 2 to 3hours of continuous used. It can be use while you are charging it.

Once the landline and DSL was up we limit the use the pocket wifi when we are out. Jeng driving from Laguna to Marikina and vice versa, I’m using it. Dinner and coffee with friends in Tagaytay, we used it. Going to a friend’s party, we let them borrow and use it. Basically if we are not home, we bring and use it. 5 laptop and/or phone can connect all at the same time, according to smart website. Yes, I am walking wifi zone, as the radio commercial says!

We are still maintaining it today because this can be used during emergencies. Like this week, we learned that our DSL was cut off. Jeng did not pay last month's bill because we are asking for an adjustment from PLDT for the two weeks that the phone was installed but we didn't have dial tone and of course no internet. The telephone line was not cut off, it was just the internet. Weird ‘no?

Good thing we kept the pocket wifi.

This article is written by katiyay, posted by my guest blogger.


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