Feb 20, 2013

Stateless in Sabah

Here's the evidence of Leased Payment from Malaysian Government to the Heirs of the Sultanate of Sulu that is being leaked on the internet.

A look at how the Malaysian government is clamping down on foreign migration.

The Malaysian state of Sabah on Borneo Island has long been known as a land of promise.

Its proximity to Indonesia and the southern Philippines and its rich natural resources, have combined to make Sabah a magnet for migrants in the region.

Today, some estimate that nearly half of Sabah's population is made up of foreigners who are fleeing conflict or seeking employment.

Sabah also has a large population of stateless children. Born in Malaysia to migrant parents, they are neither recognised by Malaysia, nor the country their parents originated from.

Over the years Malaysia has carried out several major evictions of undocumented migrants and stateless people.

Now, the Malaysian government has started a new major crackdown with thousands being arrested and deported across Sabah.

However, critics say the policy is short-sighted and will not stop the influx of foreign migrants arriving on Malaysia's shores. - Aljazeera


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