Feb 3, 2013

USB 25X SPI EPROM Device Programmer

The programmer is meant for programming SPI 25x Eproms. These type of EPROMS are now common in new computer motherboards. All the DIP8 and SOIC8 and SOP8 kind of 25xx EPROMS canbBe copied and flashed. This is USB based so can be used in new computers. There is no need of aditional power supply. Software can be downloaded from support section of website and would not be included in the package you get. - http://www.lynx-india.com/index.php?productID=3404

Device Support : " Tested With Microchip IC "

25AA010A, 25LC010A,
25AA020A, 25LC020A,
25C040, 25AA040, 25AA040A, 25LC040, 25LC040A,
25C080, 25AA080, 25AA080A, 25AA080B, 25LC080, 25LC080A, 25LC080B,
25C160, 25AA160, 25AA160A, 25AA160B, 25LC160, 25LC160A, 25LC160B,
25C320, 25AA320, 25AA320A, 25LC320, 25LC320A,
25AA640, 25AA640A, 25LC640, 25LC640A,
25AA128, 25LC128,
25AA256, 25LC256,
25AA512, 25LC512,
25AA1024, 25LC1024


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