Feb 6, 2013

Vitamins That Eliminate Acne Effectively

Although new sophisticated methods for acne treatment such as laser therapy have been developed to reduce those acne blemishes, there are natural inexpensive ways to manage and even eliminate acne effectively. Vitamins form an integral part of the human skin. Therefore, deficiency in these nutrients can cause a wide range of skin disorders such as acne. Ensuring adequate intake of vitamins for acne control targets the underlying cause and guarantees acne free skin within a short span of time.

Best Vitamins for Acne Control

In order to get that beautiful complexion, doctors often mention to follow a diet rich in vitamins for acne free skin. Consume natural sources of vitamins daily and the acne will soon vanish. Information about acne control using vitamins is provided below:

Vitamin A

Whether it is to control or prevent acne, vitamin A can certainly contribute in many ways to manage this skin problem effectively. Synthesis of skin building compounds like collagen (a type of protein) is dependent on vitamin A. No wonder, topical application or oral intake of retinoids (compounds derived from vitamin A) can work wonders to subside severe forms of acne. There is little doubt that vitamin A plays a crucial role to control and heal acne. So, if you want your pimples to clear away quickly, opting for vitamin A for acne treatment is definitely recommended.

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5, also referred to as pantothenic acid also comes in the list of vitamins for acne control. Vitamin B5 acne treatment is yet another powerful tool to relieve acne. Vitamin B5 works to reduce production of sebum (oil), thereby helping to control acne. Even doctors recommend the use of vitamin B5 to combat acne (pantothenic acid for acne) and improve the appearance of the skin.

Vitamin B1

Is the list of vitamins for acne control limited to only vitamin A and B5? Absolutely not! Vitamin B1 (thiamine) also has acne fighting properties and can certainly stop acne from aggravating. Thiamine, being an antioxidant helps to reduce the impact of free radicals on the skin as well as eliminates toxins from the body, which promotes a smoother, acne free skin.

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is also important to maintain healthy skin. Studies have also proved that vitamin B2 can make a person susceptible to skin disorders including acne. Also, too much stress can worsen acne, thus making it difficult to manage it properly. Adequate vitamin B2 intake is an easy way to reduce stress, thereby helping to fight acne successfully.

Vitamin B3

Talking about vitamins for acne control and it would be foolish not to mention about vitamin B3 (nicotinamide). The inflammation and the acne spots (whiteheads, papules and blackheads) associated with this skin disorder, respond quite well to vitamin B3 treatment.

Vitamin B6

Hormonal imbalance which is more common in women also gives rise to acne. Research has shown that vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) assists in regulating hormone levels in our body. So, in case skin problems like acne are a result of hormonal changes, doctors suggest to increase vitamin B6 consumption to restore hormonal balance. This in turn contributes to reducing acne considerably.

Vitamin B9

Skin disorders associated with a diet lacking in vitamin B9 (folic acid) can manifest in the form of acne. A person with vitamin B9 deficiency is bound to suffer from acne sooner or later. Vitamin B9 assists in regeneration of healthy skin cells, which can help to improve acne.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also equipped with properties that help to keep acne under control. The process of healing acne may take a backseat in case the person is deficient in vitamin C. Vitamin C is crucial to maintain production of collagen (proteins that keep the skin elastic and firm). Being an antioxidant, it rejuvenates the skin and reduces the harmful effects of free radicals. In order to accelerate recovery from acne, adequate vitamin C is a must.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E acts as an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. Be it protection from UV light or increasing the softness of the skin, vitamin E does everything to improve the skin's health. Considering the benefits of vitamin E on the skin, taking it orally or in topical form can benefit in reducing acne.

Following a healthy well-balanced diet provides all the acne vitamins and is considered to be the best way to include vitamins for acne control in your daily meals. For severe forms of acne (cystic acne), a diet alone may not be enough to reduce the appearance of those embarrassing blemishes. So, in addition to a diet, taking vitamin supplements internally or applying lotions containing these nutrients as instructed by the doctor (excess doses can harm the skin) can be a good remedy to alleviate acne symptoms.


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