Feb 22, 2013

Wi-Tribe WiMAX Snap Review

Finally got my gritty paws on the MyPass Wifi device they are offering.

It comes in one cheap looking design but I bet this is largely because of function over form, if you don't want to read the review, here's the gist: It lasts as long as your laptop battery on optimal settings while still delivering good speeds at affordable price.

I got the device earlier today by turning in my old BOOM indoor CPE modem and they replaced it with MyPass for an additional 1000php. No extension of lock ins and no hidden charges.

The box is small, they really got uniform on their packaging from different devices. It all slides out from the side.

It is bigger than most 3G devices but hey, it's 4G anyway.

Inside the box: micro-usb to usb port for wired tethering and charging your device over laptop, AC-DC micro usb adaptor, user manual, device itself.

onto the device: looks aren't its strong suit. aside from a redesigned paint splash instead of the ugly MyPass word plastered on it before, the device itself looks like a cheap remote control that you can get from divisoria. Heck, even the battery compartment looks like the ones on a remote. There's only one button you press for 3 seconds to boot the device.

Close up of the new logo design.

Close-up of the LED lights showing battery wifi and power status.

Thickness comparison with iPhone 3G.

Other notes:
  1. The antenna is obviously built-in but signal gain is about the same as the indoor CPE modem.
  2. The modem software can be accessed via you can change SSID, and change your wifi password within the modem web software.
  3. Battery life is about 2~2.5 hours depending on usage. You can set how powerful your wifi can transmit at the cost of your battery life.
  4. It still is limited to 5 users at a time. Range on low settings can't cover my ~140sq.mtr. condo unit, medium has some spotty areas and high just about covers all the corners. *YMMV
  5. Network speed: I'm on demo mode as of the moment and my account has not yet been associated with the MyPass modem's MAC address so I'm still not getting 2mbps. I'm hitting 1mbps though on a demo account.
Verdict: It may be cheap looking and bigger than the competition but wi-tribe sure knows how to balance mobility and cost so that consumers won't suffer.

Good for students, mobile professionals and minimalists.

P.S. I saw their coverage area, they have pretty much covered the whole metro and some outlying provinces but I still suggest using it within Manila, QC, and Makati. Surprisingly, they have more numbers of BTS in Manila City alone than any other cities. They also plan to expand to Laguna and Cavite City based on their coverage tool.


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