Feb 20, 2013


Ultimate WiMAX MIMO Technology for Outdoor Application

The ZyXEL HES-319M2W a.k.a. Linkem HES-319M2W, but please don't be confused to its original hardware manufacturer the Huawei Technologies. The Huawei model HES-319 and HES-319M2W on other country ISP is being loaded with ZyXEL operating system or. and by Linkem.


Built-In High-Gain MIMO Antenna in the Outdoor Unit

The HES-319M2W Outdoor CPE provides integrated antenna (The CROSS- Polarization 14dBi) for easy installation and high performance in different environments. The MIMO technology will increase the coverage, bandwidth and reduce the edge corner which cannot get the better sensitivity. Tx Diversity is supported.

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High Transmission Power with Low Power Consumption

The HES-319M2W supports the maximum transmission power on nominal 26 ± 1dBm at room temperature. This enable network operator to easily extend its radio network coverage.

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Ultimate Broadband Wireless Technology

MIMO products support state-of-the-art Matrix A and Matrix B modes.

Software Upgrade over the Air

Through the WiMAX radio interface, the HES-319M2W Outdoor CPE supports TR-069 or OMA-DM fully configurable and software upgradeable through events triggered by the operators.

VoIP embedded in Outdoor Unit

The HES-319M2W Outdoor Unit supports two SIP (RFC3261)-based VoIP. It will be cost effective and price performance design concept. As for Indoor unit, it just simply provides power via PoE Ethernet Cable.

WiFi 11b/g/n and Ethernet

The HES-319M2W supports one WiFi (11 b/g/n) with two Ethernet RJ45 ports.

Advanced IP Networking Features

The HES-319M2W Outdoor CPE supports advanced IP networking functionalities, including all Secure NAT Router features needed to access the Internet safely.

Easy-to-Install Multi-User Solution

The HES-319M2W comprises an integrated antenna. The LED bars as well as buzzer showing the WiMAX radio signal strength can be used


WiMAX Air Interface

  • Reference standard: IEEE 802.16e-2005 SOFDMA
  • Duplex mode: TDD
  • Frequency: 3,400-3,600GHz
  • Channel Bandwidth / FFT size: 5MHz / 512FFT, 7MHz/ 1024FFT, and 10MHz/1024FFT
  • Modulation: QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM(DL Only)
  • Matrix A & Matrix B support
  • Sensitivity: -96dBm @ QPSK 1/2
  • Antenna: 14 dBi MIMO CROSS- Polarization
  • Aggregate throughput Up to 20 Mbps
  • QoS management based on classification: BE, UGS, rtVR, nrtVR, ertVR
  • Security: PKMv2, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS/CHAP/PAP/MSCHAP/MSCHAPv2, CMAC message authentication, CCM mode 128-bit AES data ciphering
  • Idle mode, Sleep mode, Hand Over, BS-initiated scanning and reporting.
  • Auto selection
  • User selection
Wi-Fi Air Interface

  • Reference standard: IEEE802.11b/g/n
  • Transmit Output Power:
  • o 802.11b: 16 dBm +/-2.0 dBm
    o 802.11g: 14 dBm +/-2.0 dBm
    o 802.11n: 13 dBm +/-2.0 dBm
  • Receiver Sensitivity:
  • o 802.11b: -86dBm @ Typical
    o 802.11g: -71dBm @ Typical
    o 802.11n: -65dBm @ Typical
IP Networking
  • Support IPv4
  • Static IP, DHCP client/server/relay
  • DNS relay, DNS cache
  • User configurable Router (RIPv1, RIPv2) and NAT (one-to-one, many-to-one)
  • VPN Pass Through (PPTP & L2TP Pass-Through)
Voice over IP
  • SIP V2 (RFC 3261) and SDP (RFC 2327)
  • G.711 a/u and G.729 codec
  • Echo cancellation G.168
  • VAD (Voice Activity Detection), Silence suppression and CNG (Comfort Noise Generation)
  • DTMF Detection and Generation
  • Fax pass-through(T.38)
Phone Features

  • Caller ID and Message Waiting Indicator (MWI, RFC 3842)
  • Call Waiting, Call Hold, Call Forward (Unconditional/Busy/No Answer) and Call transfer (Unattended and Attended Transfer)
  • Early Media, Music on Hold
  • Remote TFTP/HTTP Firmware Upgrade
  • Web-based/SNMP/Telnet Management
  • Over-The-Air firmware upgrade(OMA-DM,TR-069)
Hardware Specifications

Outdoor Unit
  • Provides Power over Ethernet via PoE ports (one for Ethernet, one for VoIP).
  • Five Intelligence LEDs
  • Reset to Factory Defaults
  • The pole-mounting kits
  • Rated for outdoor weather environment including ultraviolet sun radiation
Indoor Unit

  • Provides Power over Ethernet via PoE ports (one for Ethernet, one for VoIP)
  • Two RJ-11 ports for VoIP
  • Two RJ-45 ports for Ethernet
  • 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi interface
  • LEDs: Power indication, WiMAX connection status, WiMAX Signal status, Wi-Fi connection status, VoIP status LED
Power Specification

  • External power supply: 48V DC
  • Average power consumption at peak: 24 W
Physical Specifications

Outdoor Unit
  • Dimension: 255(W) x 254(D) x 58(H) mm
  • Weight: 1071 g
Indoor Unit

  • Dimension:188(W) x 131(D) x 41(H) mm
  • Weight: 284 g
Environmental Specifications

Outdoor Unit

  • Operation Temperature: -40oC ~ 60oC
  • Operation Humidity: 10% ~ 90% (Non-condensing)
  • Storage Temperature: -40oC ~ 65oC
  • Storage Humidity: 10% ~ 95% (Non-condensing)
Indoor Unit

  • Operation Temperature: 0oC ~ 45oC
  • Operation Humidity: 10% ~ 90% (Non-condensing)
  • Storage Temperature: -40oC ~ 65oC
  • Storage Humidity: 10% ~ 95% (Non-condensing)

  • CE certification marked for EMC and Safety
  • Water Tightness: IEC529 / IP65


How can I buy this CPE ?

@ NII OKAITEY : This is depend in country location, so far it is not available on eBay, Radioshock, or even on AliExpress. If you have WiMAX ISP in your country that is being supplied by Huawei Technologies then you can inquire with them they might issue you this type of CPE instead BM622i, BM622m or BM622 as in my country.

sir, alam nyo po ba yong smart wimax outdoor?

@ wing :

Oo bro pede, yung bago MyBro WiMAX 4G from Green Packet Technology, Malaysia model OX230 eto yung gamit sa outdoor at yung DV230/250 na itim na may dalawa ang antenna. kung may DC ka jan pede mo i-send sakin kung kelangan mo ma unlock at magamit ulit pagusapan lng natin.

Hi guys in My country we use exactly this CPE for Wimax. i noticed that the modem after uptime of about 4 hours cuts off the internet access and will require a restart for the service to come back.
Please has anyone experienced such or is it from the base station of my ISP.

@Onyejizu Chijioke :

If you need more assistance I can help you vie teamviewer.

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