Mar 17, 2013

Best P1 WiMAX Service Tip Top

Last night in the middle of buying sides Tesco, arriving ² can be a massage from P1 4G Wimax.

P1 Wimax je best! Model tu no .. hahaha!
"Temporary 12/25/10 20:50 hrs P1 4G service interruption. Your area may experience limited service. We are working to restore service to normal soonest. Sender: P1 4G 9:05:14 PM"
Alamak .. problem to the internet? Emm .. never mind lah. Good also P1 Wimax to know .. if not .. free ² je Wimax hit # $% & @ later. Shortly off tu, can again one masssage from P1 4G Wimax.
"12/25/10 21:30 hrs P1 4G service has been restored to full operations in your area. We apologize for any inconvenience Caused. Enjoy your P1 4G! Sender: P1 4G 09:38:31 PM"
Really fast, do not return home again .. OK dah internet. It's tip top nie la services P1 Wimax broadband versus some that I have ever used for termasuklah Celcom broadband. (Now people prefer to call monkeys because the slow band.'s Right to?)

Besides tu .. nak pay bil pay too happy. Not lousy again wearing kid first kinds bil. (Which always dihantar kat house). Log in accounts je P1 Wimax .. dah may look penyata accounts. If the kid .. new print. If not kid .. He earned no kid print. Amulet of illness of paper! Right now the kingdom of Malaysia mengalakkan users so subtract pollution!

Although P1 4G Wimax nie best .. It remained there some part that is not best. One reason for the coverage that is not much longer. If the village behind je .. can not be sure. Other la if incoming port. InsyaAllah can! That is, if there is coverage kat. Second .. high region. If the kind of home I nie .. 'on heaven' je of illness can be. But even tu dah guess OK. More rapid than for monkey band.

Anastasyea: Nak promote korang kat .. kat line Wimax afraid there's no Pulak ..

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