Mar 9, 2013

Blackcat USB SPI Flash Programmer ST SPANSION MXIC AMD

BlackcatUSB a multi-protocol flash memory programming tool

Capable of programming thousands of flash memory devices using JTAG or SPI connections.

This eBay item includes: a new BlackcatUSB board, USB cable, and a jumper cable of your choice.

  • Open-source software supports multi-languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Fast 16MHz RISC processor
  • 32KB Flash (upgraded from 16KB!)
  • 2 DIP switches for mode application changes
  • Upgradeable firmware over USB
  • On board reset button
  • Universal CFI Flash programming support (over JTAG)
  • SPI Mode 0, 1, 2 compatible
  • USB 1.1 / 2.0 compatible
  • Dual voltage (3.3v or 5v) output
This product includes a choice of these three cables for your target device:

This device can be used to program the flash memory of thousands of different memory devices, including the BIOS chips often used on many newer motherboards for both PC and laptops. It can be used on millions of devices to fix broken devices due to bad or corrupted firmware.

MSI Eclipse Motherboard
MSI P6NGM Motherboard
MSI P6NSLI Motherboard

Easy to use Microsoft Windows based software:

Reading flash data using JTAG mode

Writing flash data using SPI mode

FREE Open-source software compatible with:
Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit versions)
Mutli-language support: English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish,
(Download software and driver, version 330)

Verified to work with these CFI Flash devices:
AMD S29GL320 Intel  28F128J3 Samsung  K8D3216UB MXIC  29LV800BMC AMD 28F400BT Intel  28F160B3 Samsung  K8D3216UT SHARP  28F320BJE AMD 29DL322GB Intel  28F160B3 ST M28W160CB SHARP  LH28F160BJHG AMD 29DL322GT Intel  28F160C3B ST M29D323DB SHARP  28F160S3 AMD 29DL323GB Intel  28F160C3T FUJITSU  29DL323GB SHARP  28F320S3 AMD 29DL323GT Intel  28F320B3 FUJITSU  29DL323TE Microchip  SST 39VF1600 AMD 29DL324GB Intel  28F320B3 FUJITSU  29LV160B Microchip  SST 39VF1601 AMD 29DL324GT Intel  28F320C3 FUJITSU  29LV160T Microchip  SST 39VF3201 AMD 29LV160DB Intel  28F320C3 FUJITSU  29LV320BE Microchip  SST 39VF800 AMD 29LV160DT Intel  28F320J3 FUJITSU  29LV320TE ST / Micron  MT28W320 AMD 29LV320DB Intel  28F320J5 FUJITSU  29LV800B ST / Micron  MT28W320 AMD 29LV320DT Intel  28F640B3 Micron  28F160C34B ST / Micron  29W320DB AMD 29LV320MB Intel  28F640B3 Micron  28F160C34T ST / Micron  29W320DT AMD 29LV320MT Intel  28F640C3 Micron  28F322P3 ST / Micron  M29W160EB AMD 29LV400BB Intel  28F640C3 MXIC  25FL0165A ST / Micron  M29W160ET AMD 29LV800BB Intel  28F640J3 MXIC  29LV161B ST / Micron  M58LW064D Spansion  29AL016M Intel  28F640J5 MXIC  29LV161T ST / Micron  M29W800AB ATMEL  AT49BV/LV16X Intel  28F800B3 MXIC  29LV320B TOSHIBA  TC58FVT160B ATMEL  AT49BV/LV16XT Intel  28F800C3 MXIC  29LV320B TOSHIBA  TC58FVB321 HYHYNIX  HY29F400TT Samsung  K8D1716UB MXIC  29LV320T TOSHIBA  TC58FVT160 HYHYNIX  HY29LV1600T Samsung  K8D1716UT MXIC  29LV320T TOSHIBA  TC58FVT321
Verified to work with these SPI Flash devices:
Atmel  AT25DF641 Microchip  SST 25WF040 ST / Micron  M25P64 MXIC  MX25L128 Atmel  AT25DF321 Microchip  SST 25WF040B ST / Micron  M25P32 MXIC  MX25L256 Atmel  AT25DF161 Microchip  SST 25WF080 ST / Micron  M25P16 EON EN25F20 Atmel  AT25DF081 Microchip  SST 25WF080B ST / Micron  M25P80 EON EN25F40 Atmel  AT25DF021 Microchip  SST 25WF016 ST / Micron  M25P40 EON EN25F80 Atmel  AT26DF081A Microchip  SST 25WF016B ST / Micron  M25P20 EON EN25F16 Atmel  AT26DF161 Microchip  SST 25WF032 ST / Micron  M25P10 EON EN25F32 Atmel  AT26DF161A Microchip  SST 25WF032B Windbond  W25X40 EON EN25F64 Atmel  AT26DF321 Microchip  SST 25WF064 Windbond  W25X80 PMC  PM25LV010 Atmel  AT45DB011 Microchip  SST 25WF064B Windbond  W25X16 PMC  PM25LV020 Atmel  AT45DB021 Microchip  SST 25WF128B Windbond  W25X32 PMC  PM25LV040 Atmel  AT45DB041 Spansion  S25FL256S Windbond  W25X64 PMC  PM25LV080B Atmel  AT45DB081 Spansion  S25FL128S Windbond  W25Q80BV PMC  PM25LV016B Atmel  AT45DB161 Spansion  S25FL128P Windbond  W25Q16BV PCT 25VF512A Atmel  AT45DB321 Spansion  S25FL064 Windbond  W25Q32BV PCT 25VF010A Atmel  AT45DB642 Spansion  S25FL032 Windbond  W25Q64BV PCT 25VF020B Atmel  AT45DB011D Spansion  S25FL016 MXIC MX25L10 PCT 25VF040B Atmel  AT45DB021D Spansion  S25FL008 MXIC MX25L20 PCT 25VF080B Atmel  AT45DB041D ST / Micron  N25Q00A MXIC MX25L40 PCT 25VF016B Atmel  AT45DB081D ST / Micron  N25Q512 MXIC MX25L80 PCT 25VF032B Atmel  AT45DB161D ST / Micron  N25Q256 MXIC  MX25L160 PCT 25VF064C Atmel  AT45DB321D ST / Micron  N25Q128 MXIC  MX25L320 PCT 26VF016 Atmel  AT45DB642D ST / Micron  M25P128 MXIC  MX25L640 PCT 26VF032 ST / Micron  N25Q064
Verified MCU specific devices supported:
Nordic nRF24LE1 (16KB  flash over SPI) Xilinx CoolRunner-II  series (XC2C32A, XC2C64A, XC2C128, XC2C256, XC2C384, XC2C512)

If you need to program a flash here that is not listed, just contact us and request to have it added. We are able to add any SPI or CFI compatible flash to our software free of charge. If you need a specific MCU supported (such as a device with on board memory that can be programmed via SPI or JTAG), contact us!

New feature: manual configure for SPI devices


where can i buy this ?

@Eugen Sofronov :

at online store....

Yes you can. Just run FlashcatUSB.exe -H to see the command line options.

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