Mar 13, 2013

D-Link DHP-307AV 200Mbps Powerline Snap Reviews

Home to the original ASUS Wireless Router acquired the station in 2006, but the signal is not very good across the floor, although I want to buy a new wireless base station should be able to improve, but Morgan also switch to a desktop computer, so do not want to re-use wireless network, in PCHOME bought: D-Link D-Link (DHP-307AV) 200Mbps power line network bridge , this stuff is generally less Distribution 3C stores, but PCHOME touches with a lot of brand choice, and finally The Considerations price election with the brand the old brand D-Link.


Do not have to pull the network cable between the two computers, Tou Tiancuo two computers want to install in that room are stable, easy to use than the wireless network.

Is said to be used in Chunghwa Telecom MOD generally put TV Internet / Telephone hole, will not need to pull line with this, next try back Changhua, Changhua home MOD TV, because relatives in Chunghwa Telecom please we installed the MOD do performance work, but the computer put on the second floor, the first floor living room TV is no access to the MOD only on the second floor TV mounted.


This thing is actually some restrictions, such as a different brand of the product is not compatible, and incompatible (old type with different brand connection speed grades is 85MB, and the model is 200MB) to pick a computer, it is necessary to re- buy one, with the wireless network setup cost a lot more expensive than, but for me.

The main drawback is his design is too great a severe block to the other socket, rear end space can not then plug the other plug even with his head too big block to the next outlet, the other plugged into the outlet does not use the state under machine experience micro heat when not in use, or not plugged in waste electricity good.


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