Mar 10, 2013

D-Link DIR-615 DD-WRT Firmware Flashing

Here I want to share an example of a D-Link DIR-615 how to flash the popular alternative DD-WRT router firmware. Basically, you should bring some experience in dealing with firmware updates. One of the golden rules: If you are not absolutely sure of what you're doing, leave it! I extended countless router with DD-WRT. Rarely there are problems. To destruction, it is not gone too! Check out the tutorial at your leisure. If you need help at some point, just let me know.

First, we determine if the existing model is at all compatible. In this case it is a D-Link DIR-615 router. We get the best data on the nameplate: Important here is the hardware version.

By knowing the hardware version of the D-Link DIR-615  we may now proceed to DD-Wrt database router and enter the last three characters of our model.

Here we must take special care to choose the correct hardware version! An incorrect version can possibly transform the barely functioning router into a paperweight 1A, inshort we may bricked the device by loading the improper firmware to D-Link DIR-615 !

There is a special version (initial flashing) for flashing the DD-Wrt firmware. If there is such a version for your model, choose the smallest existing version (size) of the DD-Wrt firmware. Save the file, and then we go. Open the web interface of your router. In the model shown here, D-Link, select the item maintenance / firmware update.

Next, "Select file" to the point, we open the saved firmware file.

Then, Select the previously saved firmware file and press Open.

By clicking "Upload" the flash starts. During the flash process, you should leave the router alone. Connect. Example to any network cables or pull out what

You see, as long as the flash process is running, a status page.

During Falshvorgangs not the current should be separated! This could mean the demise of the router.

After the end of the flash process, there is a error message in the browser. The dd-wrt firmware used in the standard configuration a different IP range.

Now we can use the router by entering the default DD-Wrt IP address We are asked to change the user name and password. In this example, the username "admin" and "+? / M3in-75" the password (without the ""). Then click on "Change Password".


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