Mar 12, 2013

DualWAN WR-500V Snap Review

More than a dozen years ago, in a wireless card also seventy-eight one thousand times, because the demand for internal assessment, I was able to long-term play. I remember that COMPAQ PCMCIA card, because it was not easy to get a wireless router, only through WINGATE software to a network share, but also very happy to experience the fun of wireless Internet.

For a wireless router, in this forum, I can not be called professional, but the kind of person who likes to share inexplicable taste appealing to me. The hands of the router, as long as the brush, and never let go.

Because at any time with an idle laptop when HTPC, taking into account 24 hours a day, of course, the way When the download, NAS uses. Community network or the WIMAX merge bandwidth (WIMAX concession period after play download, DualWAN very practical, this allows me around the house in Cable Internet (50M / 5M), not renewal), and make full use of the resources.

Beginning to recognize DualWAN, get their hand easily achieved router to test ASUS WL-520GU LINKSYS the WRT54GS machine tried to use although the effect can be, but always think it is flawed, really encountered a small problem when, too embarrassed to ask too much. After all, this is a free firmware release, developers zd under no obligation to support not paid subscribers.

Forbearance for a year, a lot of exclusive features see DualWAN WR-500V own models really get antsy, and finally take the initiative to contact with zd a few weeks ago, originally hoped to buy a WR-500V returned to Taiwan to play later heart read temporary turn, why not buy a few, when a small agent?

With zd discussion, basic maintenance protection generally no problem, because of cross-strait transportation, this is often do things my own company. Zd more concerns, will not cause the price steady growth? I'd not worried because I was originally a fun starting point, as long as the basic freight, customs clearance fees play level, that's no problem.

Much gossip, WR-500V hand has been a period of time, zd simple English version of firmware installed, I posted the first photo, and come back slowly added!

The packaging of these things, the machine body, detachable antenna, network cable and power supply. (Can be used directly in the Taiwan voltage)

Manual yes, but in fact, this product, because the firmware update function is also very complex, so it's really familiar, still have regular official website implementation.

DualWAN, the name suggests, the most important function of course, is the dual WAN port load balancing. A similar machine, I used CISCO RV042, D-LINK LB604, but the two are wired models, the price is too high, if not professional purposes (company MIS), most people just want to play, or less cost-effective.

The DualWAN WR-500V 150M 802.11N wireless transmission capacity is more than enough in everyday applications, Cable used in my 50M/5M, basically can ran at full speed on the test.

I think the fun is the so-called single-line double-dial function, the WAN port can be an entity, continuous dial, made two different IP on the line, superimposed bandwidth purposes. Of course, the same ISP account after continuous dialing is not able to achieve the purpose of bandwidth doubling eventually look at your ISP lock bandwidth.

My side Cable MODEM Internet is automatically assigned an IP automatically obtain the two-wire connection.

WR-500V hardware specifications

System Name DualWAN
Machine Model DualWAN WR-500V
CPU Model Ralink SoC
CPU frequency 320MHz
Flash capacity 8MB
Wireless: 802.11n 150Mbps
Antenna: detachable SMA 3db
Power: DC 12V
Packing: color box packaging
NAT performance: 94.4Mbits / s

Observed lock bandwidth, not superimposed, but there is an unexpected discovery. I used to use the Next TV TV box, whether it is bandwidth how much, whether it is connected directly to the SWITCH or share HD High Definition channels is very easy to get stuck. But through after WR-500V (single two dial), turned out to be very smooth, a little unexpected.


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