Mar 17, 2013

Fantastic Beautiful Photo of Water Drops

A photo taken by water droplets an unidentified photographer that creates the illusion that the image is being shaped woman with a beautiful ballet. It was an exciting moment, the photographer he is very lucky because they get the proper shooting.

This photo from a website I can be someone's an American citizen, because I think this is a unique and beautiful Phy therefore I am posting this blog.

And photo shots of pure high-resolution camera, and not the result of engineering technology image editing program.

To produce images shaped like a ballerina's, I do not know exactly how many times it was dropped into the water that he may get the unique and beautiful work. Because of the sources that I read there was not described in detail. It's just that there is an explanation about the photo is purely from the camera shots. I myself just got amazed to see these photos, how about you?

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