Mar 12, 2013

Free VPN: LibertyHeroVPN

Okay, here’s another VPN that I had used. kindly refer to my previous posts for more details in case you don’t know much about these Virtual Private Network.

  • Name: LibertyHero
  • Server: UK
  • Status: Free
  • Tested: Globe and Smart
Thanks to 89dufpoqidjv of symbianize for sharing this. hehe.
  • FREE
  • TCP and UDP supported
  • 256-bit AES cipher to encrypt all VPN packets.
  • Speed limit: 512kbps
How to Use LibertyHero VPN

  1. First, sign-up an account in this link:
  2. Download this file: for LibertyHero+OpenVPN 2.2.1.rar | 1.386 MB | Mirror Link | GLOBE/SMART UDP&TCP w/ auto-pingering combined auto-flushdns
  3. Edit pass.txt inside data/config and input your username and password you got from step 1.


Nice article ! Nowadays, there are a lot of software like VPN available to hide ip address to surf internet anonymously . The purpose of hiding ip address from the public view provides security to the browsers so, they can prevent from ip hacking . After hiding their original ip, one can check whether their ip gets changed or not by using

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