Mar 15, 2013

Huawei HG655a Worry not DIR-615 Breaks

Just wanted to let everyone know that if your UniFi breaks, you can expect to be without Internet, Telephone & TV for quite a while. Mine failed on 1st March. Today, 4th March they finally gave me an appointment date for rectification - 16th March!

Absolutely incredible that a company that is making 1.2billion in profit cannot provide customer service - or maybe that is why they made so much? Sign up suckers like me & then don't bother to fix the system and don't allow me to cancel my 2 year contract?

For the 1st 2 days I had no DSL light. Now I notice I do have a DSL light so maybe they did some work on their side & fixed part of it and maybe now the only problem is my side.....? I am trying to fault-find myself. I am in a condo so connection from basement is by phone lines. I have a Huawei HG655a with DSL light on and Internet light blinking every so often, presumably when the D-Link DIR-615 tries to connect to Internet.

I tried removing the D-Link and have connected my PC into the HG665a and logged in with Admin/Admin. Network status is that ptm1.400 is always 'Connecting' and ptm1.600 and ptm1.500 are both 'Connected' though Online Duration is 0 and - respectively.
The xDSL info is as per the attachment.

Any experts on this HG655a that can tell me if it is dead and can tell me if I can buy my own tonight or tomorrow? Or an equivalent? I don't necessarily need phone & tv for the time being but cannot survive without Internet (typing this on my Celcom connection at the moment!)

Ticket 1-827347499.

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