Mar 12, 2013

Jazztel Bonding the new alternative to VDSL

Since the launch by Jazztel of 30/1.5 (now 3) over VDSL, users are away from their central longed for access to this service in order to obtain maximum performance in their lines.

But the strict conditions of employment for VDSL so far have not allowed that dream can become a reality. The only hope for these users on copper pair, almost the majority, and not eligible modalities Cable / FTTH, is that ADSL operators implemented the ADSL bonding as an alternative.

At this point, all plants covered Jazztel VDSL are prepared and ready to start offering turn bonding. As confirmed by the Director of the Division of Residential and CMO Jazztel, Luis del Pozo, in an exclusive interview to (and soon to be available on the cover of this page) from the first half of the next 2011, Jazztel plans to launch its marketing Bonding + service, which will offer its existing users synchronization values ​​similar to those enjoyed by lucky customers with coverage for VDSL2.

Bonding +, the alternative to VDSL Jazztel

According to the Well, Jazztel "always attentive to the suggestions of its customers, has decided to launch this new modality, to bring those most affected by the distance factor solution both an economic and high quality. Currently our team technical closely with Huawei technicians, working around the clock for final tuning of Jazztel DSLAM and interesting alternative to offer this in the first third of 2011 "

Recall that the ADSL bonding involves using two lines on copper loop, doubling the theoretical maximum speed of ADSL2 +. This, in addition to the core, and require two physical copper pairs connected to two DSLAM ports, the subscriber must have a router compatible with this standard, from which hang two microfilters, one per line.

Net equipment: Comtrend NexusLink 5631Hg

The company chosen to provide new equipment for customers who sign this new option has been, as it was almost predictable, Comtrend which in turn is working hard to adapt their new NexusLink 5631Hg to the requirements of the operator and the deadlines set by this.

Thus, the new router must support IPv6, be compatible with the standard N and take at least one Gigabit Ethernet port, which lacks elements Based Comtrend model, which itself has two USB port ready to connect external storage devices or usb printer.

Until then, the limited beta tester of this new modality being used to test the latest tuning its predecessor, the NexusLink 5631 , the same team that the British operator BE is provided its users with bonding.

Source photo / technotes / index.php? xusLink_5631 you ...

Note that although the new method is not intended Bonding + exceed benefits Premium VDSL2 mode, in some lines in tests has achieved up to 40 Mbps in the downstream channel, as we can see here

The price

The trading prices of Jazztel Bonding + are defined yet, but according to the Well, should not exceed the service VDSL, although the cost of keeping the two lines and the launch of the service in the customer's home could reach somewhat expensive product, but, in his own words "along with the usual policy of Jazztel try to strive, as far as possible in the least possible impact these costs to the end user"

Recall that the cost of Jazztel VDSL, right now (final price and without promotions) only exceeds in just 2 € to 20 Mbps service to the operator's intention would then be to not beat this price for users Bonding + hire.

In the coming days we will have more details and information on this interesting scoop that we advance here more summary, on the cover of


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