Mar 8, 2013

Low Carb Diet Plan for Diabetics

A low carb diet is recommended for diabetic patients to maintain the number of calories they intake, which thereby helps in keeping the body fit. The intake of excessive amounts of carbohydrates result into their quick absorption. The excess availability of carbohydrates and thereby sugar in the body is bound to increase problems for diabetics. This is because the extra glucose gets converted into fats. The following diet tips for low carb meals would help in maintaining good health for people suffering from diabetes.

Diet Plan With Low Carbohydrates for Diabetics

The low carb diet plans are prepared taking into account the body weight and the exercise that one performs daily. Based on the exercise performed, the lifestyle of a person is categorized into sedentary, active, and very active. The following low carbohydrate diet plan would help diabetics in preparing a schedule for meals.


Low carb foods should include more vegetables and less amount of grains. The vegetables like beet and carrot are also consumed in moderate amounts due to the high amount of sugars present in them. Leafy vegetables are the best choice for this healthy diet. Fibrous foods are good for health not only in the case of diabetes, but also in normal conditions. These foods help in maintaining the health of digestive system. Fruits with low sugar content should be included in the diet.

Diet Plan

The time-table for a day's low carb diet is presented below. This diet plan for diabetics would act as a guide in the preparation of food. The food items to be included in breakfast, lunch, and dinner are listed below.
  • Breakfast: Items such as organic oats, skimmed milk and other such foods need to be included in the breakfast. One half cup of organic oats and a cup of organic soy milk or skimmed milk should be the main component of the breakfast. Items such as almond shavings/chopped walnuts, 2 tbsp in quantity should be added to the cereals. One orange and a sachet of substitute for sugar (to be added in tea or coffee) are the remaining food items of the breakfast.
  • Lunch: A vegetable salad with a variety of items such as carrot shavings, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, fresh peas, cucumber and peppers (green red and yellow) form the main diet for lunch. The salad is marinated with 2-3 tbsp of tofu or cheddar cheese. It is one of the best low carb diet plan recipes for diabetics. Dark chocolate containing 70-80% of cocoa and around 0.6-0.7 oz in quantity should be eaten as a dessert.
  • Dinner: A whole wheat tortilla and ½ cup of brown rice forms the main diet for dinner. Vegetables used for dinner should be cooked in 1-2 tbsp of oil. Two-three helpings of vegetables would be enough for dinner. Again the dark chocolate used for lunch can be consumed for dinner. If you need a change, an apple, along with a tsp. of peanut butter can be consumed for dinner. Read more on low carbohydrate diet recipes.
The low carb diet plan for diabetics provided above fulfills the nutrition demands of the body without overloading it with excess calories and fats. One can also switch between the different cereals and vegetables used in the lunch and dinner to add variety to the diet. Thus, following such low carb diets are the best bet for diabetics to stay in optimal health.


If you like seafood, low carb diets are much easier to follow. I'm not a huge fan so it's a little harder but I do like other lean meats that the Dukan diet permits. Diabetics need to remember to not only eat fewer carbs but also up their protein intake a lot. The Dukan diet is a great high-protein and low carb diet that quite a few diabetics have embraced. It's a whole new world of flavors.

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