Mar 17, 2013

My P1 Wimax Story

1. Wiggy Era

I think P1 Wimax is the best wireless internet available in Malaysia. What they offered was certainly the best on the market. I started using P1 wimax service in February 5th. At that time I was subscribed to its P1 Wiggy modem UH235 which I think was the most budget and student friendly package that existed at that time. In my opinion, no other ISP can compete with its package. I mean its fast internet and mobility suitable for student like me and the price was just right. I pay RM89 monthly to get 10GB of data quota and 1Mbps speed which gives me RM8.90 per GB.

On 7 June 2011 I terminated the service and returned the modem which is the most troublesome thing I have ever done. I terminated it because it was the end of the semester and since I’m going back to Labuan, which there’s no P1’s coverage over there, there is no point for me to continue using it. And the semester break is almost 4 months which is far too long. I didn’t know the government was going to change/adjust the nation’s academic calendar and if I knew earlier I wouldn’t even subscribed.

But because it’s a Wiggy, there was no contract and I can return the modem anytime. I took a flight from Alor Setar to KLIA and there was no enough time for me to go to KL and return the modem. I didn’t know what other alternatives that exist, so I sent the modem to my sister in Kuantan and had she returned it on my behalf. See how troublesome it was. If I can just couriered the modem, it would be much more convenient but still troublesome. Why can I just return to any reseller instead of the Pitstop that only available in big cities, right?

2. Home/Office Era

After the long semester break, I returned to UM. But long before that when I was still in my parent’s house, I already planned to again use P1 when I arrived in the peninsular. I planned to get it in KL and find a reseller. But all that was destroyed when I found out that P1 already discontinued that package and replaced it with a new package that I think is worse than before. I don’t know why they did that. I’m looking for a package that is giving me more value for my money. Also I want a Wiggy where I’m not tied to any contract.

The new package was very unattractive for me because they increased the speed but lowered the quota. For me, after living in the 385Kbps-internet-connections era, a 1Mbps is already good. As long as I don’t need to buffer for videos, I can live with just that speed. But I can’t live with limited quota. I mean, with the new package, for the same price I can only enjoy 6GB with 5Mbps speed. Yes, the faster the speed the faster the quota gets eaten up. Then I’ll be bashing my head when I got throttled down. NO!

Because of that, I decided to use P1 Home/Office 99. I’m not easy with the contract, it so… sticky. With the package, I get 10GB quota with 2Mbps speed. Since that, I noticed that I’d use large amount of data. My allotted quota can get from 10GB to 0 in just 15 day. That freaking shocked me. Wow, I’m such a heavy user. I’m not kaki download cause most of time I spent on the internet was on YouTube. I watch on average 10 10-minutes videos everyday. I’m a You Tuber viewer.

I’m tied for 12 months contract. Its something that I really don’t like about it. And now I’m at my sister home and there is no coverage here so I have not use the service for about a month. Still, I have to pay for something that I didn’t use. But I’m not going to be a bitch about it. I understand. YES would be better but it might hurt might my pocket more.

My review while I was using it in Sintok: it went well for one week and then it start to get crappy. But after 3 weeks, it seem to improved. I’m not sure what happened, but maybe the crappy-ness was caused by the increasing number of P1 users in my area. I change my password once every month cause I know what my neighbor do when they sees my wifi, they try to hack to it. (likewise)


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