Mar 16, 2013

P1 WiMAX DV-230 Broadband experience

I once wrote a special entry for Celcom broadband users who experience problems with their broadband services. In this post, I also share with readers some tips that they can use to deal with Celcom broadband problems such as broken lines, has no connection, slow line, and a few other tips again.

Modem DV-230 taken at HQ P1 Wimax

To post this time, I would like to share with you some tips that you can use if you have a problem with P1 Wimax services.

Before I go further, let me tell here that I am not customer support or customer service P1 Wimax. I am not an employee or have any contact with the P1 Wimax. What I share here there is no direct connection between me and the P1 Wimax but the relationship between a user and a service provider.

I have been using P1 Wimax broadband service almost two years. During my use of their services, there is some small and big problems I've ever experienced. Not only that, I also have read some of the comments given by P1 Wimax users are very satisfied with the services they provide.

It is difficult to get a 100% free service of the problem. But the important thing is, how the services are tackling the problem and also serve their customers hassle.

Modem DV-230 dan USB WiFi

Between problems P1 Wimax

Here are some problems I've ever encountered and how do I overcome this problem.

Modem LED blinking red - This happens because you do not acquire signal modem or IP address of the Access Point P1 Wimax. It usually occurs when a heavy rain storm together.

To solve this problem, what I always do is, close and re-install the P1 Wimax modem. After the modem is restarted, the LED will be green again. Sometimes it is so, sometimes not. I'm not sure the actual factor, however, this problem occurs the maximum is around 30 to 60 minutes.

If you have more than that, you'd better call the P1 Wimax for more information.

Internet connection very slow - Some time P1 Wimax Internet connection would be too slow and very slow. Once in a day, I had to wait about 3 minutes just to open the Google website only. That is just Google. Not to mention Facebook, Daily News and several other websites.

When this happens, what I will be sure to first is bandwidth quota allowed by P1 Wimax. Each package you subscribe to will set how much bandwidth you can use. I took the package is Home - Plus where my quota to only 20GB a month.

To check the quota P1 Wimax, you should login to the site P1 Wimax Self Care . There you can see the balance of your P1 Wimax bandwidth package. Apabilah all bandwidth used, P1 Wimax Internet connection you will start to slow down so you will feel disgusted with P1 Wimax.

But if you run out of bandwidth, P1 Wimax offer refill packages where you can add bandwidth for RM10 for 2GB of bandwidth. And expiration date 2GB for 30 days.

Internet online frequent breaks - Since 2 - 3 months ago, the line P1 Wimax I always lost. And it's been getting worse over the last 2 weeks. Every 1 minute, online P1 Wimax will be cut off and then it will reconnect automatically.

Although Internet connection reconnected automatically, but keep in mind at the time you are making an online payment through Maybank2U, and suddenly you lose your Internet connection. To not want to, you had to go through the payment process as Maybank2U will kick you out because you use the IP address has changed.

If it happened once or twice, it may not be a problem to re-enter the username, password, and payment details in Maybank2U. But if you're 6-7 or 8 times occur, people do not get angry, be angry.

Although I have restart and reset the modem, the problem is still recurring. And I am advised by Customer Support to to their headquarters to replace the damaged modem with another modem of the same model.

But who replaced the modem is not a new modem. It is just a modem that was used by previous users but still in good condition. How do I know? Because I got this modem there are scratches and impact have been used are clearly visible on the body at the USB modem and wifi P1 Wimax.

If observed carefully, visible scratches on the modem

To whom to contact?

If you have a problem with the P1 Wimax, you can contact Customer Support them in several ways. Among them are:
I've been using all four methods. But I encourage you to report problems P1 Wimax using Twitter (if you have a smartphone with 3G Internet connectivity). Feedback is much faster and we have a record of our conversation with the P1 Wimax.

But if you do not have an Internet connection but that depends on P1 Wimax, it is easy if you mengubungi online Careline their 1-300-800-888. However, you should be patient and remain calm to listen to them one by one operator commands before you can connect to Customer Support. That line, even if you do not cut off your line when connecting operator (never happened to me).

There are some other problems that I have ever encounter with the P1 Wimax. But only this that I can remember. God willing, if there is additional space and other ideas, I will share the tips in this post.

Although there are problems and this, but I'm still satisfied with their service. Especially on the Customer Support an efficient and quick to help.

Expected length entries in some way help you solve problems with P1 Wimax.

This article was written by cypherhackz posted by guest blogger you can also post yours contact me!


Thank you for your honest review. We admit that there were weaknesses that need to be improved in our services and we are working hard to tackle those problem. Again, we thank you for your honest opinion. Regards.

1st of the month the speed is ok ...but after 1 month the speed of P1 is slow like hell

@ 黎晓祥 :

you have to check your signal going to the base station/cell site, perhaps your P1 must be placed near the window for it to be able to gained more and strong signal. try to orientate the location of you P1 modem.

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