Mar 15, 2013

TM UniFi High Speed Broadband Promotion

Being a Streamyx user for many snail years, the introduction of UniFi – TM’s version of High Speed Broadband has attracted quite a lot of early subscribers.They claim to have 60,000 subscribers in the first year.

Sad to say, I wasn’t those early adopters, mainly because my area was not covered, and also TM’s very own reputation? (Streamyx)

However, when I got to know my place has UniFi service and there’s this first year anniversary promotion, it seems to be quite a good deal.

1) Free Installation
Installation fee of RM 200 is waived for a limited time (no idea until when) and you get some equipment for the UniFi service.

2) Free First Month Subscription
You get one month service for free, value of RM 149/RM 199/ RM 249 depending on the residential package you select.

3) Free HyppTV – IPTV premium channels
You also get to watch the premium channels of HyppTV, provided by the Set-Top Box (you get a HDMI cable too, prepare your TV input) from UniFi only between 24 March – 30 April 2011.

There are a total of four devices during installation.

Left – RG/Residential Gateway, the gateway between your home with the UniFi provider. Device replacement costs : RM 150. Right – WiFi Router, a TM branded D-Link DIR-615 wireless router.

Set-Top Box with remote control, connected to your TV via HDMI allows you to watch channels via Internet. The UniFi contractors assured me that it works even when it rains, with obvious reference to Astro service. :-) Device replacement costs : RM 450.

DECT phone allows you to make VOIP calls, free for calls to any TM fixed lines nationwide and RM0.10 per minute for all mobile numbers and non-TM fixed lines. Device replacement costs : RM 79.

I subscribed to the VIP5 and my very first test on its speed rendered the following results.

Generally, I’m quite satisfied with the speed so far, hovering around 5Mbps although it gets much lower late evening, which is usual even with Streamyx. In short, UniFi is a slight upgrade to Streamyx, hope it stays good that way.

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