Mar 14, 2013


The ZTE ZXDSL 931DII is a VDSL2 router modem, which is an advanced all-in-one gateway incorporating VDSL2 modem, The 931DII offers VoIP access that feature full compliance with industry standards. It is suitable for a wide range of application scenarios like residential (in-home) and commercial (offices, apartments, hotels, warehouses) applications. At user side, it offers high-speed VDSL2 access service for residential and small business customers.

The ZXDSL 931DII is a VDSL2 access device, which supports multiple line transmission mode. It provides four 10/100Base-T Ethernet interfaces and two (2) FXS interfaces. In addition, ZXDSL 931DII provides the broadband Internet service or enterprise network access service via high-speed ADSL access.

Another model is ZTE ZXDSL 931WII VDSL2 modem router it do not supports the two (2) FXS interfaces but added with the WLAN interface for wireless connectivity in contrast to ZXDSL 931DII which is lack of WiFi but also added two (2) VoIP ports for SIP phone.

The ZXDSL 931DII is a VDSL2 MODEM. It provides the bridge and route function and supports the following features:
  • ITU-T G.993.2 VDSL2 standard
  • It supports LAN protocol.
  • It supports IEEE802.3 and IEEE802.3u.
  • It supports speed auto-negotiation.
  • It supports Half duplex/Full duplex.
  • It supports user-friendly GUI for web configuration.
  • It supports IPSec for virtual private network (VPN).
  • It supports parental control function to restrict children usage.
  • It supports self-learning bridge (IEEE 802.1D Transparent Bridging).
  • It supports virtual server, IP filter, and demilitarized military zone (DMZ)host.
  • It supports Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for 931DII only
  • It supports T38 fax
  • It supports DTMP
  • It supports G.711/G723/G729 Codes
TM Unifi ZTE ZXDSL Series VDSL Modem User Manual 931DII link 931WII link


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