Mar 13, 2013

TP-Link TL-PA511KIT AV500 Power Problem and Repair

Warning - This fix will void your warranty because the device must be opened to facilitate the repair !

This video presentation outlines how to repair your TP-Link AV500 Gigabit Powerline Adapter TL-PA511 when it intermittently loses power while streaming data when it is touched or moved or even through changes in temperature, vibrations from passing vehicles, etc. This fix also seems to increase the data throughput and signal reliability once the A.C. plug to circuit board connection is repaired. This problem may exist in all of these units as it appears to be a design and assembly problem.

You assume all responsibility for any and all damage you may cause to your devices or yourself by following the instructions in this video presentation !!!

If you are experiencing this problem, consider returning your problem devices for warranty repair before performing this fix !


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