Mar 12, 2013

UnBricked CD-R King CW-5358U CW-5356U

If you happen to bricked your CD-R King CW-5356U / CW-5358U by updating with the wrong Tomato firmware then worry no more that was also happened to me. Here's a quick guide thanks to TipidPC forum credits to the poster and to the contributors.

e-gizmo's USB to UART (Serial TTL) Converter Prolific PL2303 Item Code: 77011931 Php250.00
First of all what you need is "USB to UART (Serial TTL) Converter Prolific PL2303" for only 250 peso you can get it from e-Gizmo for the JTAGging. Second, must have the stock firmware of CW-5356U you can download from here mirror.

You should have a console tool first!!

1. I flash the other tomato firmware from shibby -->tomato-K26USB-1.28.RT-N5x-MIPSR2-084V-BT-VPN_N10U.trx
It seems work , but when I reset (clean nvram), it Bricked !!! I can not get the IP after rebooting!

2. I plug my console tool on the CW-5356U's 4 pin console port and open terminal on windows XP

3. I set my PC Manual IP submask default gateway
(this is because I saw the info on terminal)

4. Turn on the power and keep clicking CTRL-C at the first seconds CW-5356U on
the terminal will show CW-5356U stop at CFE mode

5. I open IE and go to then the screen shows :
Broadcom - CFE miniWeb Server page

6. choose the right file ( I got from CD-R king named "CW-5356U_1214.trx")

7. wait until its done and show
Upload completed. System is goning to reboot. please wait a few moment~

Unbricking the two routers

Unbricking CW-5358u


CW-5358u (Pinout from Left to Right)
Pin 1 - Vcc 3.3V (Don't connect anymore since the router will be powered by the supplied adaptor. You may test as well with a multimeter and you'll get 3.3V)
Pin 2 - GND (Connect to GND on TTL Converter)
Pin 3 - TXD (Router side) to be connected to RXD on UART Converter
Pin 4 - RXD (Router side) to be connected to TXD on UART Converter

Entered Broadcom = CFE miniWeb Server after Ctrl+C (right). Ctrl+C stops router startup.
Please click "Restore default NVRAM values" to ensure proper operation

Successfully Uploaded the firmware

Entering router's web interface CW-5356u / CW-5358u ^_^

Thank you very much @Ibrahimovic for the guide at page 2. I hope, images below would help others who have bricked their CD-R King routers.


hi, can you unbrick mine?

do you have a shop?

sure, no problem I can help you. Anything that I can help it for you?

Hi Sir Jonathan, how much it will cost me if you unbrick my CW-5358U. TIA

The cost is too cheap for unbricking your CW-5358U, before you decide to let me fix your device please try to canvas first the cost of shipment as of now I am in my province.

I am also repairing Huawei4G WiMAX wireless modem such as BM622, BM622i, BM625, BM622m and others alike. Please take note that I am not a hacker like others does, I only repair all electronics stuff this will include modem and routers, firmware customization also.

kung wala kang hyperteminal yan ay kasama sa windows, gamit kana lng ng Putty mas madali.

yup.. putty pinaka madali gamitin kesa sa hyperterminal.

sir may firmware dump po ba kayu ng CW-5356U? baka pwede po makahinge.... need ko lang po talaga...

@ Xiugai Macdizhi :

back read ka na lng sa taas nag update ako today para sa stock firmware pede mo ito i-download.

Kuya pede ba i optimized ung speed ng net gamet 2ng CW-5358u? kng alam nio po pede paturo? tnx

@ War Khan :

pwede, but naka depende pa rin sa DSL or sa WiMAX yung connection. pede mo i-limit ang broadcast kung konti na PC lang ang gamit mo.

Sir, paano pala kita macocontact? Plan ko pa-unbrick ng cw-5358u ko

@ renkun cruz :

Sir, paano pala kita macocontact? Plan ko pa-unbrick ng cw-5358u ko

# sorry for the late reply Bro, for the fast few days ng out of country ako now lng naka uwi dito sa Pinas andito pa sa Terminal3 bukas ang flight pauwi sa amin. just leave ang number mo txt kita kung paano ma repair ang CW-5358U mo.

@ renkun cruz :

09275478880 contact me.

boss patulong naman po sinunod q naman ung instruction nyo i set my ip to, sm gw tapos ung screenshoot nyo pero walang lumabas sa hyperterminal q kagaya sa ss nyo

@ Lei :

Sa lahat ng Microsoft Windows OS (Win95,'98, XP, Vista,7) ay may kasama hyperterminal hindi ito maaring mawala baka di lng na-enable kung mahirap ka sa paglocate gamit ka na lng ng Putty pede ito i-download at free yan na lng gagamitin mo Bro pra madali.

ganito po sir ung lumalabas sa terminal ko

thanks sir sa idea ito ung instruction na ginaya q

@ Lei :

subukan mo magpalit ng baud rate pra di garbage ang lumabas sa terminal mo bro.

ok na po na unbrick q na ung cw-5358u q, salamat ng marami

Hello Bossing, pano po ifix ung cw-5358u ngtry kasi akong mag overclock pero failed i set the wrong frequency yata..parang nabrick ko router ko, no wan/lan lights flashed..parang di makaboot.. kaya po bang ifix to using jtag?

thanks po ahead

@TheSecretsInMe :

Malamang na brick na yan Bro wag mag alala repairable naman yan bili ka lng ng "USB to UART (Serial TTL) Converter Prolific PL2303" sa eGizmo sa may TAFT ave bago mag LA SALLE University, pede ka mabili doon 250peso lng yan pra ma fix mo yung brick mong CW-5358U anjan may tutotrial naman dito sa post.

Cge po Bossing.. Maraming Salamat!!!! =D
akala ko kasi di na pwede irepair using USB to UART (Serial TTL) Converter Prolific PL2303 ..hehE=D

@TheSecretsInMe :

Walang anuman Bro hanggang sa sunod.

pwede ba ma unbrick using usb to uart kahit di ko na alam ang gateway ng router di ko na kasi mabuksan gui?

@eleazar upao :

Oo Bro pede yan ma unbrick basta may UART ka lng, kung alanganin ka gumawa pede mo yan padala sakin thru LBC 170 ang shiping pabalik.

mga magkano po ang paayos po ng CW-5358U

@Romeo Navarro Jr. :

Bro PM me lng anytime for more information about sa inquiry mo.

Helo po bossing!!!!^__^
parepair po sna ako ng cw-5358u ko..i bricked it by setting the wrong frequency.. until now di ko pa nrerepair, ngddalawang isip kc eh.. prang d ko kya.. meron po ba byad for the service? at magkano rin po kya?
Maraming salamat^__^

@TheSecretsInMe :

PM me for more details Bro kung paano ang repair services,

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