Mar 8, 2013

Zone Diet Basics

Zone diet is a well-planned diet program, which is targeted on balancing blood sugar level and hormonal level, so as to regulate the overall health and fitness. This particular diet plan was introduced by Barry Spears, a biochemist from California.

The zone diet is characterized by presence of proportionate amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. In precise terms, the approximate ratio of these nutrients are fractionated as 40 percent carbohydrates and 30 percent each of proteins and fats. Let's discuss in brief about the basics of zone diet.

Zone Diet Basics

Speaking about the zone diet basics, it helps in controlling gene expression to reduce food craving, while receiving the essential nutrients required for normal functioning of the body. This metabolic process is achieved by regulating the hormones - insulin, glucagon and eicosanoids. A major benefit of zone dieting is that there is no need to skip meals and snacks, until and unless the nutrient composition in the food plan is maintained.

Zone Diet Blocks

Zone diet blocks are designed for helping people to plan their food menu. A block basically consists of one mini block each of carbohydrates (equaling 9 grams), proteins (equaling 7 grams) and fats (equaling 1.5 grams). An adult male requires 14 zone diet blocks daily and an adult female needs 11 zone diet blocks daily. This way, those who are on zone dieting can refer to the blocks while planning their meals and snacks.

Zone Diet Menu

According to the zone diet plan, it is recommended to consume five servings daily, including the zone meals and two zone snacks. Also, as per the promoters of zone diet, it is suggested that the calorie count of each meal should not exceed 500 calories, while that of snacks should be about 100 calories. While zone dieting, one should drink at least eight glasses of water everyday.

Zone Diet Plan

The zone diet menu includes food recipes with moderate amounts of carbohydrates and proteins. Unlike low carb diets, a zone diet is planned in such a way that there is sufficient amount of carbohydrates in the food menu. The body system obtains energy (glucose) from the carbohydrates, rather than relying on proteins. Thus, the normal body metabolism is not disturbed in the dieting, which is not so in case of other weight loss diet programs.

Zone Diet Recipes

There are no specific zone diet recipes and plans as such. As long as the calorie intake of the nutrients is regulated, one can include any type of food recipe as per his/her personal taste. Nevertheless, carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables, low fat protein and mono saturated fats should be advocated for better results. Ensure that the diet consists of very low amount of refined carbohydrates.

Zone Diet Calculator

Zone diet calculator is formulated to determine daily protein requirements, lean body mass and body fat percentage. According to Dr. Barry Sears, the daily requirement of proteins and other macro nutrients for health differ with reference to gender, age, height and weight. Considering this, zone diet calculator is developed to estimate the optimum calorie requirements for an individual based on his/her individual features.

If you are planning for zone dieting, then there are several service providers who deliver these diets. Make sure you check for reliable zone diet delivery services while contacting them. Besides following a strict diet, do not skip daily exercises. At any point of time, it is the correct calorie count and regular physical activities that help in accomplishing long-term weight loss in a healthy way.


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