Mar 17, 2013

ZyXEL MAX-216M1 Available as WiMAX Modem

Yesterday WiMAXian featured Zyxel’s WiMAX modem for Yota. Now WiMAXian continues to featured another Zyxel’s product,the MAX-216M1,a WiMAX modem which available for Now Wireless Broadband in UK.

The story begun from Hongkong’s largest internet service provider, the Netvigator whom operated as a brand of PCCW.

PCCW entered the UK broadband market with wireless broadband in mid 2004, starting from the Thames Valley area. Now wireless broadband is provided by UK Broadband Limited (UKB) that owns 3.5GHz WiMAX spectrum licence in the UK, a wholly owned subsidiary of PCCW the largest telecoms provider in Hong Kong where their broadband service is provided to over 700,000 customers.

Actually EyeWiMAX was the first WiMAX provider who operates in Manchester,UK.

Zyxel MAX-216M1 now available as WiMAX modem for Now Wireless Broadband in London and across the UK.

Zyxel MAX-216M1 equipped with two detachable swivel antennas.Key features of new devices, ZyXEL have high speed wireless data transfer, which can reach 30 or more megabits per second, and more efficient use of radio frequency spectrum.

These parameters are made possible through the use of adaptive signal processing simultaneously two antennas (MIMO), decoders with increased resistance to interference and the modern element base. All this not only improves the density of connection of subscribers, but also significantly reduce energy consumption and improve battery life for end-user devices.

Along with the Ethernet-port it has a FXS (Foreign eXchange Station) port to connect a conventional phone, which allows subscribers to have VoIP service if available.

Now provide several options of package which are Starter (256kbps) for under £ 10/mo,Active (512kbps) for under £ 14/mo, Advanced (1Mbps) for under £18/mo and Card (512kbps) for under £14/mo.


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