Apr 9, 2013

DVI Extender via 4 Fiber Channel, LC 500m

Key Features
  • Provides long distance digital image transmission via fiber optic cable
  • Provides high-resolution image quality
  • Signal is protected from any electrical interference
  • Fiber optic provides for a low attenuation and greater distance solution
Product Overview

The DVE-0500 DVI Extender assists with the transmission of DVI signals via optical fiber up to 500m. It connects via an LC Duplex Connector to a 4 channel fiber optic cable to transmit the DVI signal. By using fiber cabling instead of copper or Ethernet to extend a DVI signal, users can now realize signal transmitting at longer distances at lower cost. Users can now enjoy the benefit of extended transmitting distances without any loss of image quality.


Multiple Display Modes Supported

The DVE-0500 supports VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA and UXGA standard display modes. It provides XGA of 1024x768 pixel resolution at 500m but can also display higher UXGA resolution of 1600x1200 pixels at 300m.

DVI Application

DVI (Digital Visual Interface) has become a popular interface between a display monitor and broadcasting station, such as a DVD player or PC. DVI provides high resolution image quality over long distances can be used for remote LCD, projector and plasma screen displays found at sporting venues, airports, outdoor advertising and other broadcasting stations.

DVI Extender via 4 Fiber Channel, LC 500m Manual Datasheet


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