Apr 19, 2013

eGizmo PIC18F2550 Pinguino – Arduino like Board

eGizmo PIC18F2550 Pinguino board is based on Arduino platform pin layout. Instead of using the Atmel AVR microcontroller, Pinguino uses Microchip PIC18F2550.

  • gizduino/arduino pin compatible
  • gizduino/arduino shields compatible
  • ICSP header for programming with e-Pickit2/pickit2
  • PL2303 usb to uart chip for uart debugging
More on Pinguino is discussed on Hacking Lab.

The e-Gizmo Pinguino board is pin compatible with Arduino shields and users has the option to program the PIC18F2550 with Pinguino IDE or any microchip compatible compiler and programmer like the e-Pickit2.

Source: PIC18F2500 Pinguino Compatible e-PICKIT2


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