Apr 21, 2013

How-To Connect SmartBro Canopy To Wireless Router

This DIY is a How-To Connect your SmartBro Canopy to any wireless router provider it is capable of doing MAC address cloning.

This image of SmartBro Motorola Canopy attached to Ku Band Dish reflector to get high gain if you are leaving too far from the base station of the ISP network.

To begin with first you have to connect you SmartBro Canopy standalone first together with your PC. Of course as you can see from the above screenshot if you plug your Cat5 SmartBro Canopy together with the PoE it will automatically obtain an IP address if your account is valid then you can browse the net right away.

I assume that you are now browsing the net using your standalone PC, now on your "Local Area Connection Status" you may click the "Details" to be able to get the Physical Address or the MAC address as the example below its 00-C1-C0-F2-F8-22 this will be place on the wireless router WAN. 

The next thing to do is unplug the RJ45 Cat5 of the SmartBro Canopy Ethernet cable from the PC and plug it to your wireless router WAN port as shown above. Then another one of your Ethernet cable must be plug to the LAN port wireless router and the other end of the cable is to the PC to be able for you to navigate the interface of the wireless router.

Once you have already Login to the wireless router, navigate to the Network interface and locate the WAN menu interface look for "MAC Clone" you may now input the MAC address of you PC as in my example 00-C1-C0-F2-F8-22 that's it your done you can now browse the net using your wireless router. Enjoy!


Last Week, hindi maka-connect yung D-Link DIR600 na router ko sa internet. Naka-ilaw naman yung network indicator pero hindi sya makakuha ng IP address through DHCP. Naka-ilang reset na ako at pag-reconfigure nung setings (Dynamic IP, MAC Cloning, etc.) pero ayaw pa rin.

Dahil sa tingin ko nag-fail na yung router, bumili ako ng bagong router (Linksys E1200). OK naman sya nung unang tatlong araw. After nun hindi nanaman sya maka-connect sa internet. Naka-ilaw pa rin yung network indicator pero hindi nanaman sya makakuha ng IP address through DHCP. Naka-ilang reset, update firmware, power cycle at pag-reconfigure nung setings (Dynamic IP, MAC Cloning, etc.) pero ayaw pa rin.

Pag naka direct yung SmartBro sa PC, ok naman po yung connection. Once nakakabit na sa router, di na maka-connect.

Sa bagong router ba yung problem o sa SmartBro device na mismo?

@Albert Rellora :

MAC address clone ang kelangan mo ilagay sa wireless router mo, wla sira jan ang setting mo ang hindi tama, ayusin mo lng yung setting. Basa sa article sa taas bro at sundin lng. yan lng ang sagot sa problema mo.

Sinunod ko naman po lahat ng procedures and still hindi pa rin makakuha ng IP address through DHCP yung router.

Palaging yung IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway at DNS

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