Apr 1, 2013

How-To Retrieve Huawei BM622 VoIP Password

First of all, login to the Huawei Echolife BM622 4G WiMAX wireless broadband modem router graphical user interface (gui) as usual open your favorite web browser e.g. IE, Safari, Firefox Seamonkey or any other similar browser will do, on the address bar type once login page appear your user account must be admin, used any password generator to provide your password.

On the left side menu click Basic to drop down the Sub-menu there you can see the VoIP setting as shown screenshot above, the SIP ID, VoIP username and password but it is mask. To be able for you to see the VoIP password in the plain text you can copy paste this link on to your browser address bar to make your life easier this will result the source code in html on a new window.

This is a sample once you have clicked the link it will give you an output, now you can check the source code, to see the password in plain text, ctrl-f to search for SIP the (number) you will see now the (numeric-password).

This is how the Huawei Echolife BM622 4G WiMAX wireless broadband modem router once the VoIP username and password is valid it shows the status of the SIP services and the status. This tutorial of retrieving of VoIP password may also be applicable to other Huawei CPE that has VoIP features such as BM622i, BM622m, BM625 and others that has FXS port for plain old telephone system (POTS).


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Hi sir. I have a problem with globe bm622i voip settings. Wala pong gustong tumulong sakin na taga globe kasi daw network issue (for 2 months now). But after logging in as an administrator, I saw that my SIP ID port is blocked. Is there something I can do on my end to fix this problem. Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you very much!

@ ♥ sweetpepper ♥: sa pagkakalam ko yung lahat ng setting sa VoIP ay binibigay ng Globe CSR at naka record yan pag ikaw ay tumatawag sa kanila kasi gamit nila is IVRS (interactive voice recording system) pede mo yan sila i reklamo at hingi ka ng reference# pa pede mo ito i-follow up pati VoIP Tel # biniga nila din yan pag ikaw ay naka subscribe sa addon service. my opinion is tawagan mo ulit ang CSR nila, maliban na lng kung gusto mong gumamit ng ibang FREE VoIP server & service never nila yan bibigay ang mga settings.

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