Apr 13, 2013

ltProbe V1.1 free of uC / OS-II monitoring tool

Continued, the current version of uC / OS-II Probe agreement, automatic update of the current status of the task,


Update frequency can be set, I feel good friends to help recommend and test, please indicate the source: Ivy Menke broadcast station

Available for download only supports the ELF format, I am currently doing to support the AXF format (under test)

Relative to traditional simulation tools necessary to halt the operation of the system state,

V1.1 version of the main functions are as follows:

1) Automatic analysis of the ELF file, extract DEBUG information;

2) Double-click the variable can be read and displayed in hexadecimal;

3) If the system with uCOS-II automatic update task status, uCOS-II V2.86 official website can be downloaded

4) currently supported uCOS-II prepared as follows: the preparation state (STM32 official transplanted)

/ / OS_TCB
/ / Name: size: offset
OS_TCB: 92:0
OSTCBNext: 4:20
OSTCBPrev: 4:24
OSTCBId: 2:18
OSTCBPrio: 1:50
OSTCBStat: 1:48
OSTCBStkSize: 4:12
OSTCBStkUsed: 4:72
OSTCBCtxSwCtr: 4:56
OSTCBTaskName: 16:76


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