Apr 19, 2013

RG100A Serial Position Wiggler JTAG Connection

I mentioned earlier in this article Nanjing Telecom donated Shanghai Bell Alcatel RG100A ADSL modem, did not expect the students glascholar from the Internet to buy a, I use violence to take it over first amend one.

Buffer 5V as shown capacitance bit access.

The Flash 16M, the above command only dump the 4M.
2 CPU arrow in the switch chip.

The first serial port. As shown in Figure 4-pin serial total of the order of 3.3 GND Tx Rx Unfortunately, the hole distance non-standard, so [tc] with a 4-pin cable cut bad GND to simulate non-standard hole spacing. Real GND cited elsewhere.

Although individuals unbuffered JTAG structures, leading online most people are using this mode of four resistors to program the program, but I'm too lazy to find four 100 ohm, so it is still in use Wiggler JTAG done before ( here ).

Of course, hard to say how much help buffer for improving the signal strength. However, because the first 12 feet is compatible, so it is not difficult to work.

Screenshot after the connection is as follows (in part), where fc: 20 is said AM29LV320T compatible.
brjtag.exe-backup: custom / wiggler / window: 1E000000 / start: 1E000000 / length: 400000 / fc: 20 / silent

CPU Chip ID: 00000110001101011000000101111111 (0635817F)
*** Found a Broadcom BCM6358 Rev 1 CPU chip ***

- EJTAG IMPCODE .......: 00000000100000011000100100000100 (00818904)
- EJTAG Version .......: 1 or 2.0
- EJTAG DMA Support ...: Yes
- EJTAG Implementation flags: R4k MIPS16 MIPS32

Issuing Processor / Peripheral Reset ... Done
Enabling Memory Writes ... Done
Halting Processor ... ... Done
Clearing Watchdog ... Done
Manual Flash Selection ... Done
Flash Vendor ID: 00000000000000000000000000000001 (00000001)
Flash Device ID: 00000000000000000010001000000001 (00002201)
*** Manually Selected a AMD 29lv320MT 2Mx16 TopB (4MB) Flash Chip ***
- Flash Chip Window Start ....: 1e000000
- Flash Chip Window Length ...: 00400000
- Selected Area Start ........: 1e000000
- Selected Area Length .......: 00400000
bytes written: 4194304
Backup Routine Complete
elapsed time: 946 seconds
Detailed debugging I have not done, the next few days, in addition to the school thing, intends to compile several programs look on this machine. So stay tuned!


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