Apr 25, 2013

Tablet PC History that Maybe You Don't Know

As we all know iPad is not popular all over the world, and maybe you will think that tablet PC is a recent invention, in fact, tablet PC is the result of many years of development and evolution. Perhaps you don't know that the tablets that are appearing on the market the two years are quite a bit different than the early versions for its long history.

The first appearance of what we would think of as a tablet today came in the early nineties. For the most part these were more like early laptops than they were like the current tablets. These tablets for the most part were developed into laptops mainly because nobody could figure out a good way to enter data into them that didn't use a keyboard. The addition of the keyboard created the shape of the laptop as we know it today. These early models did however serve to prove that there was a market for a portable computer and this led to the development of other technology.

The next step in the history of the tablet was the development of the PDA and the smart phone. Most of the technology that went into the current generation tablets has come directly from smart phones. The real leap forward was the decision to put an operating system on the smart phone, this truly made them portable computers. From there it was hardly a huge leap to realize that putting a bigger screen and more computing power on a smart phone would have a variety of uses. This is basically what Apple did when they brought out the iPad which was the first of the real tablet PC.

The iPad has proved to be surprisingly successful on the market. When it was introduced nobody was entirely clear on just why you would want one. After all they do basically the same thing as a smart phone or a laptop. The iPad has sold well, so more and more manufacturers begin to produce a scale of tablet PCs, especially for the android tablet PCs. This does lead to the conclusion that the success of the iPad had more to do with marketing skills of Apple. However, iPad is expensive to most of the average person, this certainly leads to the manufacturer followers imitate the iPad. So more and more cheap android tablets similar to iPad begin to appear on the market, maybe this is also the way that makes tablet PCs popular all over the world.


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