Apr 24, 2013

Treatment For Baby Acne

No mother ever likes to see their little bundle of joy suffer. While there is nothing you can do to prevent baby acne, there exists methods towards its treatment. These methods range from home-based care to those offered by the medical experts.

In treating this condition at home, the face of the infant should be cleansed gently at least once a day with water and mild baby soap. Afterwards, patting of the skin of the infant is important to make the skin dry. Scrubbing the skin makes the condition worse.

Avoiding the use of oils and lotions is an affective way of treating the condition since their usage only aggravates the condition. Moisturizing the body of the infant is a better approach instead. The reason for this is that the skin condition is usually triggered by maternal hormones that the infant is subjected to before delivery. The usage of the creams ends up clogging the pores that result to making the condition worse.

Acne usually attacks the area that is around the mouth and the cheeks. These areas should always be kept dry. Moisture usually accelerates prevalence and may lead to the treatment not being effective. This mostly occurs when the mother is feeding the infant and the infant ends up spitting the food. The mother should take the responsibility of ensuring that the those area are always dry.

Sometimes the condition may persist in which case you need a check up by a doctor. This is usually in severe cases whereby the doctor recommends medications using benzoyl peroxide. This is a chemical that is meant to exfoliate the skin by gradually peeling it off. Other creams that are topical in nature like retinoids and keratolytic agents can also be recommended. It is of importance to have the pediatrician check the condition of the infant before undertaking any curative procedures.

The best cure for this skin condition has been the wait medicine. In this approach the doctor offers the advice of letting the condition take its natural course. After several months, the infant heals and the normal skin texture is obtained. This is mostly important if the infant is below twelve months.

In the worst cases where the condition persists for long a long period of time, medical procedures like surgery are utilized. The area that is infested is cut off and the skin allowed regenerating. This is particularly challenging since the immune system of the infant has not grown strong enough. It is usually the least expected procedure used to treat infants.


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