Apr 29, 2013

VLC The Best DVD Ripper

Do you know that aside from watching and playing music and videos is that you can also rip DVD movies using VLC? VLC is my favorite player, you can run almost everything and it’s very light. It can read almost any kind of video and audio format. See it’s full feature here. If you don’t have VLC yet then you can download it here.

VLC Videolan Screenshot

Going back to our tip, to rip your favorite DVD movie just load up the movie. Start VLC, under the Media menu click on Convert/Save.

The Open Media window will appear.Click on the Disc tab. Make sure the DVD, radio button is selected. Hit on Convert/Save button.

On the Convert screen, carefully check the source and the destination. If all are done and ready, click on start and enjoy.

When you are in the process of ripping you may notice a slowdown of your system as the process takes up a lot of resources. You will also notice notice the conversion results in lower quality compared to the original.


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