Apr 13, 2013

XBOX360 solution the BAN hard, the whole process

My machine does not have a parallel port. Find a friend borrowed an old Pentium 3 667. Memory 384 line have all connected. Read the first completed seven errors. Find four FindSecData v0.5,
I read parallel port 512 as if the coming 30 hours.

After the second read errors a lot more than 20. Do not know why, read about 180MB. I stopped reading. Does not seem to completely read out. I've stopped. Personal feeling, what dismantle the machine, welding is not a problem. The key is the correct identification of the read correctness and software, some problems. Not dare Brush.

Solution BAN success. Japanese version of the machine, machine appearance date of July 8, 2009. Japanese version. A version of 512MB. Finally put together the the RP successful solution BAN.

Thanks to book many friends in the group. Also, thanked littleman21 for my Savage, as well as group boss, friends and so on. And finally succeeded. I use the printer port, you read it again NAND with 30 hours, seven errors. I guess I was the first to use the printer port solution 512MB successful. Oh.

The loss of the "savages" friend, he said the solution with the most primitive way BAN success is 512, I also succeeded in his way. I read it again, seven errors. And the beginning I fool, the kick command did not press enter, so wait 25 hours. Just does not feel right, depressed ah, later to read for 30 hours, the first time out, 7 error, the above figure, we can see, such as the second read after 15 hours of it is found that there have been 20 more errors.

To stop reading this time has been the size of the read 185MB. So this time I spent a total of 70 hours to solutions BAN completed. Depressed, but indeed spent a dollar. Other home, buy a dime a resistor 10, gave a switching diode, but useless, huh, huh. This character of the fight to take a chance, but a success. I hope to friends to help. Here are a lot of pictures, we hope to help, I actually bought the BAN. So the time to buy the hard disk. So there is no hard testing, but I'm sure I solution BAN. As for why, we look at the picture.

Finally just say, I was in Harbin, if I can help you, but I fight RP, I read once NAND and out of seven errors, but still brush to write successful. I feel I exported NAND should not be perfect, but not in an important place because it contains errors do not affect. If you are like me, want to spend very little money, a lot of patience, you double 65 solution BAN. We can study each other under.

The above solution BAN hard the whole process, I speak from specific solution BAN method.

Because I use the parallel port solution BAN. So I will talk about my parallel port solution BAN a process parallel and USB ports need to disassemble the motherboard wiring, wiring methods are the same, only parallel port connected to the 5 100 ohm resistor, The disassemble method you can go online to find. But I recommend the parallel port. Although a long time, but do not have to spend money. Haha. A dime a resistance. Oh. We all count. The other things I have.

This picture is the link of the parallel port. The 1,2,12,16,17 resistor.

These are the ones I then finished picture

The finished wiring can be connected to the CD-ROM drive installed on your computer parallel port driver port95nt.exe After installing restart the computer. Parallel port you can plug in to start reading NAND, to read nandpro this software in DOS prompt, enter nandpro where directory input nandpro lpt:-R512 nand1.bin. If it is 16MB. Or 256MB should be changed to the corresponding value-R512. Into the following figure should appear

Read parallel port 512MB takes about 20-30 hours.

We also need to read the correct time to prove NAND. If the the 2 reads contrast is not the same, be sure to read the same, exactly the same NAND can. Although I did not do it but I did is very dangerous I hope you will not take the risk, they might machine three red. The second read as command nandpro LPT:-R512 nand2.bin, the formation of a corresponding BIN file read every time nandpro folder.

Two files compared confirmation before they can proceed to the next step.

If correct, we can start the analysis we have read the NAND. We need FindSecDatav0.61 of (my solution BAN version of the software was going out in 0.5 so I use the 0.5 version of the software, but recommended a new version). Let go on as long as we have just read out left NAND1.bin button, tap and hold onto the FindSecDatav0.61 icon on it. If the following picture will appear correctly.

We see the red mark on the map the right. We can call him "timestamp" ,2009-11-09 is the date of BAN, this timestamp 0x0EBA the physical address in the NAND. We have to do is to clear the information of the timestamp, 360 will automatically timestamp of October 28, October 28, the timestamp is not BAN. So that we can solve for the BAN (if multiple BAN timestamp, it is necessary to clear out). To timestamp, we would also like to nandpro software to get rid of the time stamp, command nandpro lpt as follows:-E512 0x0eab 1 remember not to miss behind, after you're done. Look at our success. Turn off the power, disconnect the connection between the parallel port and the computer, it can not welded down the line from the motherboard. , You can test the new power cord connected to the video line.

In fact, there is a simple Windows interface software. It is of lucker prepared in A9 Forum. Oh. Chinese language interface easier to use. And simple to use and we can see the figure, I believe that one look to know how to use.

This image is read out of my NAND. The contrast on the map and I like November 9 the physical address 0x0eab I have not used this software reflash my machine, but believe as well read. Thank you the lucker write such a good software. - source


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