May 13, 2013

D-Link DFE-580TX Quad Port Dual Speed Ethernet Server

The D-Link DFE-580TX is a 4-port PCI 10/100Mb Dual Speed Ethernet Server Adapter. Offering features such as aggregate bandwidth up to 800Mb, dynamic fail over, and SNMP it is targeted at IS managers with Windows NT servers who wish to gain more power and control over their network infrastructure and expand the bandwidth pipe to their servers.

Designed to meet the demands of both local and Internet data serving, the DFE-580TX provides 4 10/100 NWay ports on a single 32-bit PCI card.

The DFE-580TX gives a new level of control to the IS manager over the critical data pipe to his server. With four independent MAC addresses it is capable of providing either an aggregated, load-balanced 800Mb pipe to the server for maximum speed, or two dynamic fail-over 400Mb pipes to provide network connection redundancy and ensure maximum server up time.

SNMP management is present to allow the IS manager to effectively monitor mission critical servers.


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