May 4, 2013

LG Optimus G Pro – AMOLED display screen beater?

The LG Optimus G Pro launched in Korea last month and is scheduled to arrive in the UK around April time. It has something special to offer LG Optimus fans. The Optimus G Pro will be the first smartphone with a True HD IPS Plus display to be seen in Europe.

The Optimus G Pro is an Android flagship smartphone for which full specification details can be viewed here. The G Pro comes with a 5 inch touch screen display, a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels and a True HD-IPS Plus display. The display supports full HD multi-media content.

You normally expect Full HD being an exclusive to your TV, but this is all set to change with the arrival of the Optimus G Pro. The main feature being talked about is its Full IPS Colour Accuracy accompanied with a wider picture viewing angle.

The True HD-IPS Plus display produces natural and consistent colours perfectly aligned with the original image. This is backed up with the IPS technology offering clear and vivid motion pictures which exceeds that offered in AMOLED displays.

The wider picture viewing angle facility provides perfect viewing from any angle with no colour changes or distortion which does occur in many smartphones. You can see a visual representation of what the LG Optimus G Pro’s True HD IPS Plus display can do when compared to smartphones with an AMOLED display screen below. 3G will be sure to get a review copy at the earliest opportunity to complete out LG Optimus G Pro Review.

The Full HD experience is no longer exclusive to your TV. With Optimus G Pro, no over saturated colors as can often be found with other display technologies, just true color representation in glorious Full HD. Life as you see it.

With Full HD IPS, you can enjoy:

- The Wider picture, with perfect viewing from any angle with no color changes or distortion
- Faster & stable response time, offering vivid and clear motion pictures
- Natural color, with the accurate colors, tones and temperatures consistent with the original image


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