May 4, 2013

Lumia 900 display beats Galaxy S and iPhone 4 displays in visibility tests ?

AMOLED displays, although beautiful to look at, have had issues performing under bright sunlight. The first phones to use AMOLED displays were barely usable outdoors. Eventually the technology improved, specifically when Samsung introduced their Super AMOLED displays, which had significantly better outdoor visibility, and these days AMOLED displays are even outperforming LCDs when it comes to visibility under sunlight.

One such AMOLED display belongs to the Nokia Lumia 900, which despite its AMOLED nature performed very well under bright light, thanks to Nokia’s Clear Black Display technology, in a comparison test performed by DisplayMate. Compared to the Galaxy S and the iPhone 4, the display on the Lumia 900 came out on top with 90 points, with the Super AMOLED display on the Galaxy S narrowly managing to get the second position with 80 points and the LCD on the iPhone 4 coming in at third with 77 points.

They also had older phones such as the Motorola DROID X and the HTC Desire and you can see from their poor scores of 20 and 15 points respectively how much further AMOLED technology has come in the past two years alone.

We just find it curious as to why DisplayMate chose to compare the Lumia 900 with two year old phones like the Galaxy S and the iPhone 4. Something more recent such as the HTC One X and the upcoming Galaxy S III would have made much more sense.

You can find the results of their test in the link below. - Source


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