May 13, 2013

MSI 770T-C45 Review

This review is about MSI 770T-C45, it’s a AMD 770 + AMD SB710. It’s the one of the high C/P mobo, support AM3 CPU, have AMD ACC function, all solid capacitors, price around US$65 to US$70.

MSI have two 770 C45 series, 770-C45 (DDR3 support) and 770T-C45 (DDR2 support).

MSI 770T-C45

I/O of 770T-C45

PWM using 4+1 phases, have MSI Active Phases Switching

6x SATAII 3Gb/s and 1x IDE

Fintek F71889F Super I/O chip

Realtek ACL889 HD Audio chip

Realtek RTL81110DL GigaLan chip

MSI EZ OC Switch

Active Phases Switching LED

All capacitors on board are using NCC solid capacitor

AMD 770 north bridge

AMD SB710 south bridge

North birdge and south bridge heatsink

[list]Testing platform
[*]AMD Opteron 1210 (1800MHz, 1MB x L2 cache, AM2)
[*]MSI 770T-C45
[*]Super-Talent 1GB DDR2 800 (CL4) x2
[*]ASUS GTS250 1GB
[*]Seagate 80GB SATA HDD
[*]OCZ 600W PSU

AMD Opteron 1210

Testing platform

Benchmark – wPrime 32M (47.968)

Benchmark – Fritz Chess (2121 kps)

Benchmark – Nuclearus (4756)

Benchmark – 3DMark06 (7497)

Benchmark – 3DMark06 8aa (7047)

Benchmark – (oc 280×9) wPrime 32MB (33.937)

Benchmark – (oc 280×9) Fritz Chess (2977)

Benchmark – (oc 280×9) Nuclearus (6586)

Benchmark – (oc 280×9) 3DMark06 (10171)

Benchmark – (oc 280×9) 3DMark06 8aa (8972)

Benchmark chart

Testing platform snapshot

THE END! ^_^

The MSI 770T-C45 is best for Dynmips / Dynagen breakout switch for CCIE Lab emulator.


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