May 4, 2013

Sherlyn Chopra goes topless for Kamasutra 3D

The Playboy gal does what she now excels in – shedding her clothes to stay in the news. But this time around the controversial babe has a valid reason to go bare.

Sherlyn Chopra has highly sensitive skin, wethinks, making her unwilling to wear clothes – or so does it seem! The babe is always itching to drop her…err…top. Ever since Sherlyn posed for Playboy magazine last year, we have seen her more out of her clothes than in them. First we saw her posing happily in all her natural glory with her new-found mates at Hugh Hefner’s colourful mansion and more recently, Sherlyn was seen topless in the ‘leaked’ promos of her new film, Kamasutra 3D. And now the the desperate-for-attention gal is doing her topless thing again for the poster of the erotic movie.

In this titillating still (you can also call it shady, depending on your taste) we see Sherlyn trying to hide her bare bosom behind a pole. The dimly lit room and the setting gives you a clear idea of what to expect from Rupesh Paul’s supposedly steamy movie. “”1 of the few posters of Kamasutra 3D to be shortly showcased at a press conference at the 66th Cannes Film Festival,” tweeted Sherlyn about her ‘adventurous’ appearance on the image.


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