May 1, 2013

Talkatone: Talk and Text for Free Review

There are many apps that claim to allow you to talk and text for free. After doing some heavy research, I have come to the conclusion that Talkatone is the best option available. Below is a comprehensive review of this app.

Developers description: Unlimited FREE calls, texts and picture sharing to [...] any phone number in US & Canada.

Setting up: You must have or obtain a Google number which is absolutely free. It doesn't take long and is very easy. Go to Google’s website and select more -> even more -> Voice to get your free number. Be sure to follow all rules so you don’t have any problems using the app. When it requests a phone number, use any number that you can answer and punch in their verification code. You also want to go to voice settings->phone and have calls forwarded to Google chat and under voicemail & text have texts forwarded to your email address. This must be done on a desktop computer.

Talkatone automatically brings your contacts over to their dialer which i found very convenient. The app uses your Google number to make VoIP (voice over internet protocol) calls. All calls I made went through with no problem. I was able to call others who had Talkatone and i was able to call mobile and landline phones. Only a select few VoIP apps allow you to make calls to regular phone numbers. Most of them only allow you to make and receive calls from other people who also have their app. That ends their chances of truly replacing a carrier’ but Talkatone gets it right!

What sets this app apart from other voip apps is the ability to receive phone calls on your Google number. It works by forwarding the call from your Google number to your cell phone. This app doesn't use any of your minutes. It makes and receives calls via your 3g/4g service or over a WiFi network.

Talkatone also allows you to text from your Google number. You can even send pics. It also uses your data or a WiFi service to send texts. When you send a pic in a text, it sends a link to the recipient, not the pic. Once you press the link, it takes you straight to the pic and you can view it and save it to your phone from there. The texts went out and came in with no problems. It doesn't use any of your text messages from your carrier’s plan.

When you receive a text you will also receive an email. This was very annoying but i figured out a workaround. Do not sign up with a Google acct that is attached to your phone. If you must, disable the notification or deal with receiving 2 notifications for 1 text.


Oh Yes: I TRULY turned my iPad into a phone. The developers’ description was accurate and you CAN make free calls & texts and receive free calls & texts from mobile, landline and voip apps. I have a voip subscription and a paid voip app that i no longer use because of Talkatone, which is free. All features work like a charm. You can even change the ringtones, “textones” and wallpapers.

Oh No: Call quality was below average. There was a noticeable light static. It wasnt so bad that i wouldnt use it but it definitely needs an improvement. They do have settings that you can adjust to help but it didnt work for me. There were no dropped calls to report.

This app is a winner and it is certified for Newbies. Whether you want to use it to in case you run out of your regular minutes/texts or you want to use that spare phone/tablet and turn it into a phone, do yourself a favor and download it.

Price: Free

Platform: Download now: iOS , Android and rumored to be coming to Blackberry soon.


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