May 11, 2013

Wi-Tribe Philippines My Experienced

Wi-Tribe Review in the Philippines. I’ve always used Bayandsl as my ISP, but as I moved to a new place, I wanted to try other ISPs. I tried calling other ISPs, most of their packages were bundled with other services (like landline phones) which I don’t really need. So I ended up trying out one of the popular ISPs called Wi-Tribe, and here’s my Wi-Tribe Philippines Review …

Wi-Tribe Philippines Marketing is really well done

Wi-Tribe Broadband has got 3 postpaid plans (1mbps, 2mbps and 4 mbps), and they’ve also got some prepaid plans that can go as fast as 6mbps. Luckily my brother had a prepaid stick (Wi-tribe 4G Stick) which I borrowed to test it in my place. Signal was ok, and I was getting speeds of around 1.75 mbps (up to 2 mbps) which was acceptable. I remember a lot of bad reviews from this company like speed capping, slow video loading, and slower speeds when downloading. But I thought it was the last few years and it could be better now. I called up the tech support team and they’ve said that the concerns I have has been addressed and is not a problem anymore.

So I went ahead and visited their shop to test their internet, I loaded speedtest from both and wi-tribe speed test which confirmed that the speed is indeed as fast as they claim to be. I was pretty convinced and so I went ahead and registered myself one, in less than an hour, I had a new modem and router on my hand (I took the 4mbps postpaid plan). I was lucky to get the promo where I was given 2 months free and instead of paying P1998, I only needed to pay P1298 per month! I was happy to get the deals and have a quick application.

Wi-Tribe Review

When I got home, first thing I did was to configure everything. I tested it on my laptop and used my own high speed router to share to other devices. When I tried with the Wi-Tribe speed test, I was getting 0.75 mbps (1mbps during the first 24 – 48 hours to test before locking in for 12 months). I thought it was ok and that 0.75 seems to be a reasonable speed at 1 mbps at most. I thought that if I can get 0.75 mbps on 1 mbps, I should get at least 3 mbps on a 4 mbps max speed (while BayanDSL was getting 2.2 mbps at 3 mbps max that is extended from another wireless extender).

Tech support called 48 hours later to verify if I want to continue and I said yes so I can try the speeds of 4mbps. After 12 hours of waiting, it was upgraded to the 4 mbps and when I got home I was excited to try it out. To my disappoinment, it only gave speeds of 1.80mbps – 2.20 mbps with their own speed test. I called tech support and this is what they told me to do:
  • Turn modem off for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Reset Modem (button at the bottom of the modem, press for 10 seconds)
  • Find the best spot for signal (I had 4 bars which was ok)
After doing all that, it was still giving me the same speeds. Aside from the speed issues, what I noticed is that YouTube loads at a very very slow rate (compared to BayanDSL at almost same speeds). Then I realized they have this “Fair usage policy”, which allows them to cap your speed in heavy usage. But the only thing was that I wasn’t heavily using and I only have a browser open and trying to load up a YouTube video.

I’m already considering cancelling this service with them and going with another ISP. I feel that cable DSL might still be more reliable that wireless ones and I totally hate the fact that they control your speeds thus limiting you to what you can and cannot do. Wi-Tribe Internet Connection seems to be for very light users who surf and email without videos or downloading. I’m going to give them one last chance for the tech support to visit my place, if it still fails then I’m cancelling it.


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