Jun 28, 2013

How-To recover Bricked CD-R King CW-5354U

The CD-R King CW-5354U is a made in china wireless router shipped and flashed with Opensource Tomato firmware  aka CW-5354U from Cath-Tech repainted as CD-R King found in the Philippines.  The CW-5354U can be purchased for as low as 1,580Php at any CD-R King outlet nationwide, this cheap device is equip with Broadcom chipset BCM5354U with 240MHz MIPS32 System-On-Integrated-Circuit (SoIC), 32MB of DDR RAM and 16MB of flash memory.

If flashed with the right Tomato firmware it can serves as Dual WAN both USB and WAN port will behave as Load Balancing, either way LAN port1 also can be interchangeable as WAN2 if desired.

Systoms of Brick router for CW-5354u (also can use to upgrade firmware) Customer's Claim:
The router’s LED all on but only one LAN port is connected
The router’s LED all off or only power light on but LAN port is connected
Can’t find default gateway and IP automatically (ex: in status of local connection, can’t get IP, “limited connectivity”)
Enter can’t go to router setup web page.
(Note: These indications claimed by customer, found to be as user's fault. Customer failed to reset/upgrade firmware!!)

This simple tutorial is on How-To bring your CW-5354U to life once it is bricked by unsuccessful flashing, likewise corrupted uploaded firmware will result similar way or those who wrongfully flashed with unconfirmed working stable version.

First download the CW-5354U Tomato firmware tomato-1.27_CW-5354U.trx here

1. After being downloaded the firmware put or copy it to your drive C:\ directory if the location is different file folder.

2. Manually set your computer’s LAN connection IP Address in range to 192.168.1.x for example and set the Default Gateway
  • To set up, click Start and select Control Panel
  • Click “Network and Internet Connections” icon.
  • Click the “Network Connections” icon.
  • Right-click on the “Local Area Connection” icon and choose Properties from the pop-up menu.
  • Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) in “This connection uses the following items list” and click Properties button.
  • Thick to Use the following IP address.
  • In the IP address field, type “”
  • In the Subnet mask field, type “”
  • In the Default Gateway field, type “” and click “OK” button.
3. Go to Windows Start menu or click windows start logo (START>RUN>cmd)
- Change directory to C:\ (cd c:\)
- Type in command, “tftp –i put tomato-1.27_CW-5354U.trx”


Before press Enter key, you must:
  • Unplug the power cable.
  • Press and hold the reset button first, then plug the power cable back in at the same time.
  • When WAN port led light goes On , release reset button, then press Enter key on command prompt window.
4. The LAN port LED light should be blinking, below command line will show up.

5. This means the firmware has been transfer successfully and waits at least 3 minutes before access back into the web management page.

Note: change your IP settings to DHCP before you open the router interface.

6. After 3 minutes, open Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Google Chrome, etc. and log back in to, you will notice that the the firmware has been updated. (See upper right side of the web page).


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