Jun 3, 2013

This Is A Sad Day For Philippine Basic Education

Only 8 members (mostly members of the Makabayan Coalition) of the Philippine House of Representatives voiced their opposition to DepEd's K to 12. With the approval of K to 12 by the House, the bill is now in front of the Senate. Judging from the overwhelming support of Congressmen, it is highly likely that the bill will likewise breeze through the Senate.

This blog shares some of the sentiments of the eight representatives of the Philippine people who opposed K to 12. Their reasons, which range from a lack of prioritization and false promises to a dearth of research evidence, are some of the important points that have been raised in this blog. 

It is therefore clear that the proposed DepEd K to 12 curriculum does not really address problems currently faced by basic education in the Philippines. Since K to 12 does not offer the solutions, this blog will continue to share information, resources and perspectives on how to improve Philippine basic education.


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