Jul 6, 2013

Self Oscillating 25w Cfl Lamp Circuit

A description is given of a self oscillating CFL circuit (demo board PR39922), which is able to drive a standard Osram Dulux T/E GX24q-3 lamp or similar lamp types with a nominal lamp power of 26W. However, the lamp power is fixed at about 22 W so that the total power drawn from the mains is about 25 W or less. The circuit is based on a Voltage Fed Half Bridge Inverter topology. It is designed for a nominal mains voltage of 230 Vrms where instant-start is applied for instant light output. 

Self Oscillating 25w Cfl Lamp Circuit application circuits

Download application notes and circuits

The Half Bridge switching devices are the bipolar power switching Transistors of type BUJ101AU. The BUJ101AU is driven and controlled by a driver transformer. The driver transformer saturates at a defined current level so that the lamp current is controlled in an indirect way. The key drivers for this design are very low cost and low component count.


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