Sep 14, 2013

AdTrap – A Hardware Solution To Blocking Online Ads In Development

Adtrap is a small box that costs 120$, runs on Linux and blocks all the advertisements that a user might face while surfing internet. But what is spacial about this box is that it can also connect itself to mobile devices and other hardware, removing the need to install any applications on the device. AdTrap also regularly updates itself with new advertiser schemes so that it can prevent 100% of the ads reaching the target. Here are some of the benefits mentioned by the product:

Open and very hackable (meaning you can modify it, not that it’s insecure!)
Automatically updates itself as advertisers change schemes
Blocks advertisements from music and video streams, mobile apps and web pages
By default, we make no compromises for ’non intrusive ads’. Blocked
Works with all browsers
Awesome hardware
Works with any internet enabled device
Cleaner and faster loading websites
Lower memory usage
Prevents tracking and profiling techniques used by advertisers
AdTrap over cell data, take AdTrap anywhere you go with iOS 6 devices! Zero ads, on the road! (At $250k stretch goal with your support)
Zero software to install, zero configuration!
Currently AdTrap is a Kickstarter project that is gathering pledges to create and distribute the device. The creators need around $150,000 pledges in order to successfully mass produce and distribute it around the world.

You can reach them on their Kickstarter page.


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