Sep 21, 2013

Dream Satellite TV in the Philippines

Dream Satellite links

Subscription packages now only 390 and 650 pesos per month and no more Homebox office or Cinemax or most sports channels and no Philippine Basketball TV.

Check out their channel offerings here

Channels listing, to go directly to the channel listing click the photo at this website (strange the best channel listing for Dream is in Taiwan rather than the Philippines but they broadcast all over Asia and many dealers also in China) but this link is only to show you the channels on Dream not to sell in other countries sorry. A listing of their dealers can be found here

Here is how to subscribe @

Dream TV Satellite in the Philippines has information about the NTC complaint filed against them, piracy and pirated units, customer complaints, bankruptcy (corporate rehabilitation), dealer listings, contact Dream officials directly links (they never answer their emails from my experience),I have frequently read complaints about the service provided by Dream Satellite TV, including that they operate a monopoly and recently they elimated their 790 service and those that bought ten months package did not get any compensation when the cable channel offerings were reduced to 650 and no extension of these people packages including mine! And even worse they never emailed, called, or even posted on their website any notice of this downgrade and change except to note the new packages!

Dream TV makes you call them long distance at your expense when you want to load or have problems or upgrade or downgrade instead of putting a free SUN number in and putting an instant chat program their website or even better giving you a skype number to call.Well, at last they have competition. Check out consumer concerns on Dream @

Note Dream has no Home Box office, Cinemax, Basketball TV channel and the others below do for the same price or less but Dream does have the Travel channel and Animal Channel.


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