Sep 15, 2013

My 2nd MiniPro TL866CS USB Programmer Purchased From eBay

Today I have ordered and purchased my 2nd item from eBay since we evacuated from our village I didn't bring any of my things or belongings were the conflict and crisis is going on now. I am still hoping that this drama will end up soon, though there are so many houses have been burned already on the other Barangay ours still far from the incident but just to the adjacent to our house situated. These things really makes me hopeless because as of today gun firing both side still continuing and no clear if when this will ends up.

I decided to order and purchased the MiniPro TL866CS only on eBay this time without any IC socket adapter because I do not have enough balance on my Paypal account. On the other hand, its more cheaper on Ali Express about $10 less you get compared on eBay but you must have debit card or master card because they are not offering for Paypal user to buy their online store.

Now, I have successfully purchased the MiniPro TL866CS hoping to arrived it in 10-15 days only since the seller is Top Rated with so much high feedback and from Hong Kong base only. Additionally this seller is also whom I have ordered and purchased my 1st MiniPro TL866CS USB Programmer so I am confident to expect on this estimated number of days to on my hand.

Finally, soon I can start again my repairing on Huawei Echolife WiMAX modem such as BM622, BM622i, BM625, BM621 and other staff for programming and re-flashing devices.


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