Sep 14, 2013

MyBro 4G WiMAX SmartBro Review 2013

I just wanted to share this personal experienced on my new wireless broadband internet connection from SmartBro MyBro 4G WiMAX. It has been four (4) months from now been using this 4G WiMAX wireless broadband. A review to the hardware such as the wireless modem router, conduit cables and the Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).

This is Smart MyBro 4G WiMAX ODU (out-door-unit) CPE wireless broadband modem router antenna from Green Packet Technology Malaysia model OX230 being installed on the roof top.

The physical Smart MyBro 4G WiMAX ODU CPE Green Packet model OX230.

The internal and physical outlook of white conduit of the Smart MyBro 4G WiMAX ODU CPE Green Packet model OX230 Power-over-Etherner extension.

Physical PoE (power-over-ethernet) of Smart MyBro 4G WiMAX ODU CPE.

Smart MyBro 4G WiMAX ODU CPE Green Packet model OX230 GUI (graphical user interface).

My speed test to Springfield ISP U.S. server, DL=0.95Mbps & UL=0.19Mbps

My speed test to Smart Telecom ISP local server at Makati, DL=1.90Mbps & UL=0.27Mbps

This is the actual test to ZORIN OS server, I am downloading an ISO file of Zorin OS 7 Core32 its about 1.4GB that will last on about 5hours and 6 minutes to completely download the this file.

In conclusion, the Smart MyBro Plan999 1Mbps is good only for average user who is not hungry for more bandwidth. If you plan to share this 4G WiMAX broadband internet in your home via WiFi or hotspot for your smartphone and Tabs I may advice that this is not advisable you will be experiencing a slow browsing and buffered video while watching stream video online.


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