Sep 11, 2013

Nanay Na Si Nene: i-Witness Documentary

Finally, I was able to watch this documentary.. This is a rerun from last year’s episode which piloted the first of October..

video link:

This is indeed an awareness.. For us to be cautious and for everyone responsible.. Kids aging from 12 to 14 having babies of their own? I honestly wasn’t aware of this scenario until I’ve watched the show.. This is very alarming..

One kid, aged 13 already have twins, her partner just 19, shared sentiments.. He only gets paid P60.00 a day for sewing 100 pot holders.. Their twins are feed with water and a little sugar in it.. Feeding two 5 months old kid with that? I couldn’t say more..

Another is aged 14, and at a very young age, will be having her own child.. She still plays paper dolls.. I mean, how could this happen? When asked if she knows if she’s going to be a mother, that kid only answered, “hindi ko po alam, eto nga po, naglalaro pa ako”..

What is happening? What’s going on?

Bearing a child when the mother is is still one..

This could be a result of poverty? Lack of information on sex? Poor parenting?

For this, no one can be blamed.. I mean, it’s not those kids fault.. Neither are their parents.. Nor the community they inhabit.. This happens, this is reality.. What we can do to prevent the growing number of very young mothers is information and understanding..

To sum it up, disadvantaged background and poor education/employment prospects results more likely for some to have children when they are young..


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