Sep 14, 2013

Zen Hernandez is TV's Hottest Newswoman

ABS CBN Newsers dominated this year's Hottest Newswomen list by having 6 out of 10 spots. Reporter Zen Hernandez takes the #1 spot:

Take her anywhere, any time and she'll do an awesome job. That's perhaps the only constant in Hernandez's hectic work as a reporter. Always calm and collected in front of the camera, one colleague describes her as the "picture of elegance when reporting." Her delivery—whether in English or Filipino, at Malacañang or at a disaster site—are always pitch perfect. Really, Hernandez can do no wrong, and we haven't even started talking about her beauty.

Screen presence? Absolutely. In fact, we would find it hard to concentrate on her reports if she weren't so good with delivering information, too. Yes, this Angel Locsin look-alike has a charm that makes you interested—in her, in what she's saying, in current events in general. Now isn't that what watching news is about? Her appeal hasn't gone unnoticed either. Hernandez is currently being groomed to become anchor. With a radiance that already shines au naturel in the field, we can imagine how she'll look all dolled up.

Fellow ABS-CBN News reporter Niña Corpuz was #1 on the list last year. Other newsers on the list includes GMA News' Mariz Umali, DJ turned news anchor Grace Lee, and Solar News' Paola Palma.


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